Amazon Sellers Ripping Off Customers Looking For CBD Products

Just because it says “Hemp Extracted or Hemp Oil” on Amazon does not mean it contains CBD. But when it comes to emerging markets, especially those that help with a persons health and well-being like pharmaceuticals and Natural supplements, there will always be the con-man and con-women that emerge as well. CBD Hemp News noticed something quite peculiar when they ordered a few items from Amazon. Check out their review video below, you won’t believe what they find!

Why Are People Switching To Vaping Cannabis

Vaping cannabis is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to enjoy marijuana around the world and here’s why! Have you ever woke up after a smoking session with a sore chest or lungs? When you burn herbs it combusts at over 1000c and produces over 1000 different carcinogens. Eventually, this will cause tar to build up in your lungs which can lead to further health problems.

How To Run A Top Rated Cannabis Dispensary

We noticed a dispensary in Canada got a shout out from Snoop Dogg and recently got voted #3 Cannabis Dispensary in all of Canada. We had to see what they were doing right- so we sat down with them and asked them a few questions on how to run a successful dispensary and consistently crush it online.

Top 5 Weed Events

While there are tons of cannabis events happening every year, it can be rather difficult to see everything that’s going on across the country — especially in one centralized location. Luckily, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to! Below, we’ve itemized our top 5 marijuana friendly states across the nation.

Berner’s Vision – Cookies

In this video Berner explains Cookies’ vision and how they will make it a worldwide reality some day. They’re one of the first lifestyle brands in the cannabis industry and by far the most popular. You’ve got rappers spitting bars about their strains of cannabis, people rocking their clothing brand, and even getting cookies tatted on their bodies. All and all Cookies is crushing it and Berners taking over!

B REAL host’s Joe Rogan on The Smokebox

On one of the newest additions of The Smokebox, B Real hosts the infamous Joe Rogan and gets him high as shit!! They also discuss being productive as stoners, the awesome benefits of CBD products and real life examples of its success with patients, how people should be more open minded about the use of cannabis + More.

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