Blazing Trails in Frisco, Colorado

Simone Sullivan treks up to Frisco, Colorado, for a scenic weed retreat in the small mountain town. She checks out her guide’s bong collection before heading out for a snowy hike, and gets blazed for an afternoon of ice fishing. Then she’s treated to a THC-infused feast, complete with weed shots, pie, and a hearty bowl of elk chili.

Rhythm The M3 – Ganja Room (Single)

Rising artist Rhythm the M3 is back with the 2020 weed anthem we all needed. With a chilled out beat at the foundation, Rhythm delivers a hypnotic hook you’ll get lost in before he snaps you out of the daze with a sharp verse and heavy punchlines. This one is definitely for the real smokers. Wiz Khalifa needs to jump on the remix for sure!

MOONWLKR – Delta-8

MOONWLKR is the industry leader in Delta-8 THC products, an emerging category pushing the boundaries of the cannabis plant. Users have described Delta-8 THC as, “a sweet spot between CBD and THC.”

Upgrade your dab set up at On Point Smoke Shop

There’s quite a few internet head shops these days and lord knows we’ve been to most of them. With so many products out there, you could spend all day browsing for the perfect piece. More an more, its important to find a online smoke shop the does the hard work for you by curating an awesome selection of dab rigs, pipes, bongs, and of course electronic vape and dab accessories. The people over at On Point smoke shop have managed to do just that. Check out a few of our favorites that are currently featured on their website.

Terpz Conez – Terpene infused rolling cones

There’s nothing better than a nice fat cone joint. At least thats what we thought. Our friends at Terpz Conez in the UK have found a way to make the experience even better, by infusing delicious terpenes straight from the plant into classic RAW cones that you already trust. Plus, they only use 100% Organic terpenes in their infusions so you can enjoy the flavors worry free.

Hazey Taughtme breaks down High Sex and previews Laze

Hazey Taughtme, the Los Angeles entertainment manager and cannabis influencer/ brand owner invited us to his creative space in mid Wilshire,  Miracle Mile Studio,  to discuss the different ways to consume cannabis outside of what most would say is traditional; ie smoking. He even let us try out his new strain, Laze Officially by Just Mary, accompanied by cool sounds and cocktails. Laze is a one ounce offering of premium cannabis flower. Most consumers purchase eighths. Laze drops officially in November. They will make an official announcement via there Instagram @lazecannabis. The drop will also feature a clothing and merchandise line that is pretty trendy.

Grasshopper – CA Cannabis Delivery

Grasshopper is the best Chula Vista Cannabis Delivery. Grasshopper is an involved community-focused company with an emphasis on serving San Diego county. Thier positive message is facilitated through supporting green business practices, hiring and buying locally, promoting community education and participating in community beautification programs.

Famous People & World Leaders Who Have Smoked Weed

People often forget that politicians are human too – well, most of them anyway – so it comes as no surprise that there are many who have dabbled in the world of marijuana. When in the public eye, politicians are forced to abide by laws to retain their public popularity, but with cannabis legalization spreading rapidly, more and more politicians are admitting their love for the herb.   

Medical Marijuana in Florida

Compassionate Healthcare of Florida provides patients in Naples Florida high quality Medical Marijuana Recommendations and ongoing oversight throughout care.  Thier mission is “Compassionate care when you need it the most”. At Compassionate Healthcare of Florida you are more than a patient. These guys work for you to ensure you receive the highest quality healthcare available and that you always have access to a direct line of contact to answer and address any issues with your care or the status of your Medical Marijuana Card.  They serve all those in need of medical cannabis doctors and MMJ certifications in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Immokalee, Golden Gate and the surrounding areas in Flordia.

7 Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol), a compound obtained from the hemp/marijuana plant, packs numerous benefits for the human body and mind.  Although a product of hemp or marijuana plant, CBD oil is free of THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for addiction and feelings of high). According to research, CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which again makes it safe for all to use.  Millions of people across the globe use CBD for both wellness and to treat various health conditions.  This is thanks to its rich nutritional profile. Some of the health benefits of CBD oil include:

Spotlight: Doctor’s Orders Denver Dispensary

Denver, CO is the birth place of legal recreational cannabis. With hundreds of dispensaries packed into the downtown and surrounding areas it’s hard to pick the right spot, but if you find yourself in North Denver, a stop at Doctor’s Orders should be considered mandatory. This independently owned Denver Dispensary has been serving the city with top shelf flower and more since 2009 in the early medical days, and it’s now a household name for recreational shoppers alike.

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