A Beginner’s Vaping Guide To Conserve Your Herb

Cannabis is available and accessible in legal states, so starting your journey as a medicinal or recreational consumer is easy. But you will definitely have some qualms about spending on monthly supplies. Making your stash last is the best way to spend less and make the most of it. However, beginners may hardly know anything in this context, making wastage a common concern. Fortunately, conserving your herb is easier than you imagine, provided you are ready to follow a few basics. Here is a beginner’s vaping guide to preventing the wastage of your herb.

Invest in top-grade herb

Investing in a top-grade herb is a good way to minimize wastage and get more with less. Whether you are a recreational or a medicinal consumer, you expect your stash to deliver to your expectations. Be ready to pay more for quality instead of buying low-quality cannabis that hardly works. You may end up saving big because small quantities are enough to achieve the effects you want. 

Protect the quality of stash

Cured cannabis herb has an impressively long shelf life, but you must do your bit to preserve its quality and integrity. Following the cannabis storage rules is the best way to make it last and prevent the degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Ideally, you should store your stash in a cool and dark place to prevent exposure to sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and humidity changes. An airtight glass jar makes the best option for storing your herb.

Master the grinding technique 

Grinding your herb is an integral part of cannabis vaping, but doing it wrong can lead to wastage. You can prevent it by mastering your grinding technique. Moreover, choosing the right grinder puts you in a better place as a beginner. You can check https://www.sharpstoneusa.com/ to explore options and pick the ideal one according to your skill levels. Pack the grinder carefully, and use it according to the instructions to get the best grind without waste.

Use a bong, pipe, or vaporizer for vaping

Your vaping tool does more than give you the best experience, but also determines the wastage potential. A bong, pipe, or vaporizer is a better alternative to a blunt or a joint when it comes to herb conservation. Joints keep burning even when not in use, but you can be more conservative with vaporizers, bongs, and pipes. Moreover, these devices burn hotter, so even a small amount of burn gives bigger hits. 

Watch your technique

Another tip to make more with less as a cannabis newbie is to watch your technique. Combusting your herb too fast can lead to wastage, but you can practice temperature control to slow down burning. Besides conserving your herb, slow combustion produces healthy smoke that is easier on your lungs. The good thing is that you can find vaping devices with the temperature control feature.

Wastage is a daunting concern for new vapers, but it is preventable even if you are less skilled and experienced. Follow these tips to make your stash last and get the best results.



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