Product Review: Catch some Z’s with Wana Stay Asleep Gummies

I’ve always been bad at sleeping. Even as a little kid I’d stare at the glowing plastic stars that dotted my ceiling for hours past bedtime. As the reveries of youth gave way to the anxieties of adulthood, I never could find much that would knock me out in a timely or reasonable fashion. Tea was worthless, melatonin gave me nightmares.

Fortunately, there’s hope for the night owls.

As Colorado’s edibles market has grown, many brands have been successfully developing intentional products, with whole lines devoted to things like creativity, relaxation and sleep. Wana — the Boulder-based company that’s been kicking around since 2010 — has managed to cut through the noise with their Stay Asleep gummies. 

Arriving in packs of 10, each individual piece contains 10 mg THC, 20 CBD, and 5 of each CBN and CBG. The flavor, smartly labeled “Dream Berry” is reminiscent of berries, fruit punch and purple candies far and wide. Texturally, it leans more fruit-leather than gummy bear, a happy result of Wana’s vegan, melt-proof recipe.

As part of the Optimals line, which also includes a Fast Asleep and Midnight Berry in both Med and Rec, the chews have been carefully designed for maximum effectiveness. Each bite is a well-honed cocktail of cannabinoids that do the job alongside 30 distinct terpenes. Many products make a restful claim, these actually work.

It doesn’t take more than a couple to lull me into a deep and continuous slumber. Come morning, any residual groginess is usually gone before the first cup of coffee hits the table. These aren’t necessarily the best for big ingesters, but for anyone looking for something a bit more direct they’re on point. That isn’t to say these just belong on grandma’s nightstand either. They still have their place in the more-experienced smoker’s repertoire and lend excellent texture for movie night and all other couch-locked activities. Even the big dogs are sure to find rest and repose, regardless if a full hibernation is in the cards. For those seeking even more direct action, the Fast Asleeps are lighter in THC but pack a sturdy punch of melatonin. Taken together, the two work absolute magic for insomniacs of all shapes and sizes.

It’s been fun watching Wana grow and specialize. Their classic, flavor-oriented varieties are hitting harder than ever and it’s clear that the team behind the Optimals takes bringing their vision to life seriously. While slapping a couple of Zs on the label of an indica-heavy product might work, that’s clearly not what’s at play here. A growing number of lines also includes Quick, with fast onset times, and Solventless, some of the brand’s best-tasting products yet. Wana is also enormously convenient. The Stay Asleeps can be found in an impressive majority of dispensaries across Colorado and beyond.

The Stay Asleeps are best enjoyed with a couple of Wana’s Quick Calms, a 1 mg THC bite that comes packed with 50 mg of L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. – Colin Wrenn



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