Mount Kimbie Brings incredible musicianship to Meow Wolf Denver

Mount Kimbie’s performance at Meow Wolf Denver on May 21st was an extraordinary fusion of sound and visuals, captivating the audience from start to finish. The renowned experimental electronic group brought their unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes and intricate beats to the immersive venue, creating an unforgettable experience. The show kicked off with a mesmerizing rendition of “Four Years in a Day” setting the tone with its ethereal melodies and pulsating rhythms, drawing the crowd into the duo’s hypnotic world.

The setlist featured a diverse array of tracks, including several from their latest album, “The Sunset Violent.” Highlights from this album included “Dumb Guitar,” with its intricate layering of sounds, “Fish Brain,” which showcased their ability to blend experimental electronic elements with compelling rhythms, and “Shipwreck,” a track that resonated deeply with its emotive undertones. Each song was accompanied by stunning visuals projected onto the walls of Meow Wolf’s unique, interactive space, enhancing the sensory experience and perfectly complementing the music.

One of the evening’s standout moments was an electrifying performance of “Marilyn,” demonstrating Mount Kimbie’s skill in merging electronic production with raw emotion. The synergy between Maker and Campos was palpable, and their seamless transitions between tracks maintained a high level of energy throughout the night. The venue’s labyrinthine design and vibrant, otherworldly art installations provided an ideal backdrop for the duo’s ethereal sounds, making the event a true feast for the senses.

The show concluded with the fan favorite “Made to Stray,” bringing the night to a powerful and euphoric close. The crowd moved in unison to the infectious beats, a testament to the track’s enduring appeal. The impeccable sound quality at Meow Wolf Denver captured every nuance of the duo’s intricate productions, ensuring that the audience was fully immersed in the experience. Mount Kimbie’s performance was a masterclass in live electronic music, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Check out the video recap below, courtesy of Effortless Visuals (Dir. Blake Jackson), to get a small glimpse of the magic.



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  • Mount Kimbie Brings incredible musicianship to Meow Wolf Denver

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