Product Review: Lucky Lord Grinders

There’s a ton of grinders on the market these days. You have plastic, wood, metal, even ceramic. We’ve always preferred metal, they seem to work the best and last the longest, so when we had the opportunity to try out Lucky Lord metal herb grinders we were stoked, and after using them, we weren’t disappointed.

The first thing we noticed about these grinders is the exterior design. It looks dope, but it’s also highly functional, with vertical and horizontal grip features. This might seem unneccessary, but as you use a grinder it gets progressively stickier, and having a proper grip can mean the difference between being able to use it or having it permanently stuck (something we’ve seen happen to far too many grinders of the past.)

It was time to test the functionality itself, so we used some nice outdoor buds from Strain Theory. Outdoor buds have stronger stems and are very dense, so they are perfect for testing out a new grinder. The sharp blades on these Lucky Lord grinders made easy work of these tough outdoor nugs, and the ovular shape of the holes allows for some larger pieces to fall through while others stay up top to be ground down more. The result is a perfect grind that consists of smaller and larger pieces, which will enable better air flow once rolled up.

The chamber design on these grinders was probably our favorite feature. Rather than each chamber being the same circumfrance, each is different, which enables each chamber to have more depth than usual. For us, this meant less spilling, and only having to do one grind to get enough flower to roll up a proper fatty. The grind chamber has a nice rounded bowl shape too, so you don’t get keef stuck in the corner. The bowl shape also makes it easier to gradually pour your flower out into your paper or wrap.

One thing is clear about Lucky Lord grinders. They were thoughtfully made with functionality in mind. They picked up where many other grinders have left off, and the result is a nice looking, sleek product that works exactly how you’d want it to. We’ll definitely be enjoying our Lucky Lord grinders, and we highly recommend any stoner check them out!



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