Things Marijuana Users Must Consider While Choosing a Dispensary

No matter how many cannabis products you’ve explored, a true cannabis enthusiast knows that not all dispensaries are created equally. Just as with any other business or store, each dispensary or weed shop has its unique style and qualities. If you’re a regular user, you might already know the tips and tricks of finding the right shop, but if you’re a newbie, things might seem blurry to you. And that’s fair enough. After all, cannabis is a complex plant with complicated terminologies. 

Nevertheless, we’re here to guide you. There are certain things that you should notice when buying products from a dispensary. Read on to learn more about these factors. 

Do They Have a Variety of Products? 

The first and foremost thing to notice in a weed shop is its product collection. Now, you may have multiple reasons to consume weed, including stress, anxiety, or chronic pain. Hence, the ideal store is one that contains most of the products and in different concentrations of cannabis compounds. The most common products that you’ll find in a colorado dispensary are cannabis flower, concentrates, CBD and THC oils, vape juice, vape cartridges, edibles like gummies, candies, chocolates, and topicals. 

Consider the Location

Convenience and comfort are two things that every customer wants with their shopping experience. Having a dispensary near your location helps the customer build better connections with the staff members, which further enhances their experience. Besides, many dispensaries now offer curbside pickup or home delivery for medical cannabis products. So, if you’re a medical marijuana patient or MMJ patient, choosing a location nearby would be an ideal choice. 

How’s the Staff?

One factor that could be a major turn-off when exploring a dispensary is its staff. The budtenders showing you the products and guiding you through the dosage must be knowledgeable. Since dosage and cannabinoid concentrations in the products matter a lot, the staff should be well-versed with all the products and their effects. And if you’re a beginner who has no clue about weed, you need to have the right source of information. Thus, if you think the staff is confused or isn’t able to handle your concerns, skip that store and look for another one. 

The Pricing Factor 

For most weed users, product pricing is the final factor they consider before buying a product. And that’s because weed is expensive. Thus, before visiting a dispensary, make sure you’ve done your research about the pricing of different products. This will help you know whether the dispensary is selling the products at market rate or not. This way, you can make a calculated decision and save your money. 

Let’s Take a Recap  

With the rising demand for cannabis and its derivatives across the U.S, more and more retailers are now entering the market. Since the market has a huge profit margin, it should not come as a surprise that manufacturers compromise with the quality factor to make more money. Therefore, as a customer, it’s your responsibility to know how to categorize your product and ensure that you’re taking a quality product back home. 



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