– Online Headshop

If you’re looking for a new online headshop check out our homies in Chicago, they’re a small start up online headshop that carries unique glass pieces that are works of art. You won’t find these pieces anywhere else, and most of them are made in the USA! Stay tuned for their new 420 apparel line coming soon too!

GRAMz – GNuff Coming Soon!

Illinois artist GRAMz has been making waves for a while now. He is the CEO and owner of his own independent label, CSC Records a partnership with Priority Records/Capitol. With a broad growing fan base that includes listeners in Joliet, New York, Atlanta, Miami, LA and parts in between, he’s ready to level up off his new single “G-Nuff” coming this month. In the mean time et familiar with his album, “For the Love of Money.”


Hey there gardeners, Welcome to the world of Hydroponics growing! Are you thinking about growing monster plants using Hydroponics? Do You need to grow indoors and don’t have alot of space? Maybe you want to grow fresh vegetables indoors all year long and have multiple harvests? Whatever you need to grow, We have what it takes to get you started growing and harvesting ALL YEAR LONG!!! BUY HERE

How to Get Marijuana in Toronto

There is definitely a growing market for medical marijuana in Toronto. People are starting to realize the benefits of legal cannabis even outside the country — in fact, in America, 29 of its states have legalized medical marijuana, while nine have embraced regulation. 

In Canada, cannabis is legal for medical purposes. Even then, it is only allowed under certain conditions.

Sick.Life – Run It Up (Feat C.Notes & Miles Angel)

El Paso hip hop collective Sick.Life return with their latest release “Run It Up” featuring C.Notes & Miles Angel, produced by Rik. The 4 MC’s C.Notes, Sonny Wesson, E$ BFNE, & Lavoe each burn the track with hot verses tied together with the hook from R&B artist Miles Angel. Check out “Run It Up” and look out for more from the Sick.Life collective!

*Sponsored* Marijuana Seeds: Why Choose the Best

Marijuana Seeds: Why Choose the Best
More often than not big things have small beginnings. A fine example of this is the growth of a large tree from a tiny seed. Sometimes it’s not just about the size of the tree but the huge impact it can have on our lives that make all the difference. This is exactly how the marijuana plant impacts us. Considering that a handful of marijuana seeds can grow into plants that have the ability to reduce pain and protect us from several life-threatening diseases, they are no less than a wonder in themselves. Let us take a look at its diverse beneficial aspects.

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

Marijuana is becoming a widely accepted option for treating cancer patients. And in places where it is legal, cannabis is prescribed by doctors as an effective relaxant and pain suppressant. Below, we take a look at five ways how marijuana can help a cancer patient deal with their condition.

*Sponsored* www.Dab.Delivery

Dab.Delivery‘s mission is to help those looking for natural ways of caring for their debilitating illnesses and/or conditions and to educate those who are interested in the medical marijuana industry. They are available 6 days a week for patient to patient education and services.

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