Diem Cannabis in Salem Oregon: Not Your Average Dispensary

Diem is the newest cannabis dispensary in Salem, Oregon, but they are much more than that. Their slogan “cannabis is for everyone,” isn’t about spreading our beloved plant to those who don’t want it. Instead it’s a message of inclusivity, inviting all different types of people from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and cannabis experience levels.

J-Rez – MoodBreaker Ft. A.Dion (Official Video)

Promising up and comer J-Rez presents his official debut music video for “MoodBreaker,: the first visual from his new album, the Tipi Creepin LP. Acclaimed as “The future of Canadian Hip Hop” by grammy award winning OVO Sound producer David Strickland, J-Rez makes a strong first impression with the A. Dion assisted single.

MyCleanAir – Freedom for the smoker

MyCleanAir is a revolutionary NEW patented product that allows a smoker to smoke just about anytime and anywhere, completely undetected. Disguised as a travel cup, an inserted cigarette can be lit, and smoked (inhaled) and then exhaled back through the cup, completely eliminating all the smoke and smell. MyCleanAir will be available in March 2017.

*Sponsored* The Lifted Industry 10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool

The Lifted Industry 10-in-1 Toker Multi-Tool, is the ultimate weed tool! It’s a rugged device that aids in rolling, dabbing, cleaning, scraping, trimming, packing and countless other tasks for smoke, vape and dab problem solving. This portable EDC(Everyday Carry) includes a travel case and all internal pivoting tools are made of stainless steel with a Titanium Bonded coating for higher corrosion and heat resistance. Buy yours today on: http://liftedindustry.com

Jacko the Barbarian – Cannabis Explorer

Check out our friend Jacko the Barbarian. He travels around the country on his motorcycle to your favorite dispensaries and cannabis events. He also reviews the finest quality meds, not to mention finding out great places to eat while you’re baked in the city! Follow his adventures on his youtube channel!

*Sponsored* Ganjalabranja.com

Ganj’a La Branj’a offers a great variety of high quality glass pipes, water pipes, bubblers, spoons, oil and dab rigs, and all the accessories under the sun. All of their products are high quality, and they offer warranty programs for some of their most trusted vendors and products. Ganjalabranja.com

KIDD NAPP – Open Letter

American artist Warren “Kidd Napp” Napper, may have been born in Los Angeles, CA, but the city of Jackson, MS, helped mold him. Check out his latest offering, “Open Letter,” an honest personal and introspective track that helps listeners understand Kidd. With a nice and simple, but memorable beat to back the track we enjoyed this one. Check it out!

Sick.Life – Hop Out ft. Rare Individuals

SICK.LIFE is an independent music label hailing from El Paso, Texas. Their latest Album, “Contagion” features Elia Esparza (The Voice) and Chi Bully (2015 TeamBackPack champion) among the other talented artists from El Paso. They have also released several music videos including Hop Out ft. Rare Individuals. Check it out here.

Axi$ – For The Money/Wave (Official Video)

Steadily rising artist and producer Axi$ presents a two part visual short for his tracks “For The Money,” and “Wave.” Directed by Marco Steez, the video depicts the struggles of escaping the life. The somber video perfectly compliments the introspective, drowned out vibes of both tracks.


Roxy Jr. is the latest brainchild of Chicago musician Mark Wendell. The debut single [MINK//KISS] features 90’s rock vibes with dreamy vocals, relatable lyrics and wonderfully minimalist instrumentation, all of which is performed solely by Wendell himself. This one’s a bit out of our wheelhouse, but we thought it was worth the post. Enjoy!

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