7 Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol), a compound obtained from the hemp/marijuana plant, packs numerous benefits for the human body and mind.  Although a product of hemp or marijuana plant, CBD oil is free of THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for addiction and feelings of high). According to research, CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which again makes it safe for all to use.  Millions of people across the globe use CBD for both wellness and to treat various health conditions.  This is thanks to its rich nutritional profile. Some of the health benefits of CBD oil include:

1. Helps Manage Anxiety And Stress Naturally

Full-spectrum hemp extract is known to have a significant impact on the body’s ability to release melatonin while inhibiting the production of cortisol (a stress hormone).  The significantly high CBD levels enable the body to handle stress and anxiety quite well. It is for this reason, and more that many people have turned to use CBD (400mg oral dose) to fight signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress. Here is a good CBD dosage guide to give you an idea of what you should take.

According to a study conducted on the effects of CBD oil on patients with social anxiety disorder, it was discovered that patients using 600mg of CBD coped better with anxiety than those that didn’t use CBD.  Both groups of patients were exposed to a stress-triggering exercise. The patients on CBD showed a reduction in cognitive impairment, discomfort in social settings, and significantly lower anxiety levels.

The study outlined above was to determine how efficient CBD isolate is as compared to full-spectrum hemp extract. According to the survey, full-spectrum CBD extract showed to be more effective and more potent than  CBD isolate, hence recommended in lower doses. We at Plant People CBD provide you with full-spectrum CBD oil obtained from the hemp plant as a whole.

CBD, like a thermostat, kicks in just when your body needs it. Thus, this induces homeostasis, making it easier to reduce the breakdown of chemicals (anandamide and serotonin) known to help put stress and anxiety at bay. This also means a more relaxed body and brain.

2. Helps Reduce Inflammation And Pain

Topical and sublingual (under the tongue) application/use of CBD provides fast relief from chronic inflammation and pain.  According to a study on mice suffering from arthritis and other forms of pain, this is where the group of mice showed a significant drop in pain levels and inflammation after CBD oil was applied topically. The mice had fewer chronic pain and inflammation incidences four days into the treatment and showed no side effects. CBD oil might thus be the perfect home remedy for those suffering from chronic pains and inflammation, such as arthritis.

3. Promotes Sleep

Preliminary evidence shows that CBD can help individuals with sleep issues, especially insomnia, to sleep well at night. One of the reasons is because CBD packs properties that stimulate a sense of brain relaxation, hence restful and deep sleep. Although more research is required for this, many individuals have attested to getting good quality sleep after using full-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety, chronic pains, and sleep.

4. It’s Non-Addictive

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil is free of THC, hence perfectly safe for all. You thus don’t have to be worried about dependence or getting addicted to the regimen or the legality of CBD in most Western nations. You can thus use CBD oil in confidence to manage various health conditions.

5. Improved Mental Clarity

CBD, unlike THC, is known to trigger a sense of mental relaxation and clarity.  Although both CBD and THC have an almost similar molecular structure, THC has a cyclic ring, while CBD is purely in the hydroxyl group.  While it might seem insignificant, this is the reason why CBD is more beneficial and non -addictive. You can thus use CBD topically to boost your mental clarity, and especially when working on a complicated project, exam, or studying.

6. Improves Your Skin Health

The rich antioxidant composition of CBD oil makes it the perfect remedy for healthy skin. These antioxidants, among other properties, help promote cell health, tissue elasticity, and overall skin health. You can thus be assured of a healthy, radiant, and smooth skin from using CBD-rich skin products. CBD also packs plenty of Phytocannabinoids that help protect skin cells from chronic inflammation.

7. Maintain/Preserve Brain Health

CBD oil is a powerhouse for antioxidants and phytonutrients among rich and potent properties.  These properties are essential for protecting brain cells from oxidative stress.

According to research, cannabigerol (CBG) alone helps improve motor function in mice with Huntington’s disease. However, a lot more research is required to establish other benefits of CBD on the human brain. More research will help scientists discover how cannabinoid supplements can be used for improved brain health.



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