Protect your stash with the Herb Storage Joint and Lighter Case

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got to keep a few pre-rolls handy whenever you’re on the go. Whether it’s a concert, a camping trip, or a quick walk in the park, we’ve gotta have em. There’s nothing worse than reaching into your hoodie pocket to find your joint ruined. Luckily, our friends at El Unbox have the perfect solution.

Their one of a kind joint cases will keep your doobies, as well as your lighter, nice and safe, and equally importantly, dry. The plastic material protects your stash from being crushed, and it’s also waterproof, but it’s small enough to remain comfortable in a tight pocket or even your boot, bra or anywhere else you might put it for safekeeping.

The case is designed to hold two king size joints, and a lighter. They’re available in a range of colors for anyone’s liking. Don’t leave home without the El Unbox Herb Storage! Grab yours here, and thank us later!



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