The Complete Guide To Silicone Bubblers

In recent years, there have been many peculiar parts and devices used in the cannabis smoking market. From hand rolled joints at the beginning, to wooden pipes, from glass to silicone, everyone can find the right badass piece for them.

Recently we noticed an interesting silicone ghost bubbler that we think everyone should know about. All dabbers might think they have had all the fun they could with smoking their favorite herbs, until they try out the silicone bubbler ghost. Silicone bubbler is a cute little monster dabbing accessory that will bring incredible experiences to your smoking sessions.

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It is possible to think that the silicone bubbler pipe is an overrated smoking tool, or that you have done it all and there is absolutely nothing new you could be getting from it, but that is never the case.

There are many fantastic smoking tools in our collections and everywhere online. Still, the silicone bubbler will always have a top seat among the best dabbing accessories for beginners and expert smokers.

It is undoubtedly true that you are fed up with dropping your glass pipes all the time or smoking with too much caution and fear of not cracking or breaking your accessory that you never enjoy yourself enough.

But the ghost figure silicone pipe, such experiences will always remain in the past. They are made of premium quality silicone material that is resistant to high temperatures and will never crack, shatter, or break. 

The outer coating is anti-slip, which means you will always have a firm and smart grip whenever you wish to have a smoke. Their sturdy design makes them the right choice for every smoking scenery; indoor, outdoor, vacation, parties, bars, and any of your favorite spots.

Smoking healthy is another excellent feature to spot in this silicone bubbler as it comes with a water chamber that allows you to filter your smoke before they get to your mouth. 

Filtering your smoke through hundreds of bubbles would ensure that you get a clean, fresh, and exceptionally tasting hit that is free from toxins all the time.

There is a superior blend of artistry and functionality with this silicone bubbler ghost. This smoking accessory is fancy, colorful, and can add a luxurious touch of beauty and elegance to your smoking sessions. 

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The portable silicone bubbler with a ghost-like appearance does more than it looks by giving you full drags and can serve as the perfect puff and pass accessory when you decide to smoke your favorite blunts with your friends.

Unlike the fragile glass pipes that need extra care when cleaning, the silicone bubbler ghost is easy to make as clean as a whistle after every hit. 

It is made from high-quality food-grade material that is dishwasher safe and will not react with high temperatures to liberate dangerous chemicals.

The 14mm wide glass bowl built with the silicone bubbler ghost has enough space to contain your favorite herbs, mixtures, and other concentrates, and also features a built-in holder for your dab tool and a hidden dab jar underneath.

Do you travel a lot, and have always wanted a smoking accessory that is rugged enough to withstand any harsh condition? Then, to ensure that you get all the fun you crave at home and on the go, any day, any time, and wherever you want, the silicone bubbler ghost could be your best shot.

The impeccable artistry of combining silicone body and an inner glass compartment makes this octopus cover dabber one of the best concentrate containers for dabbing lovers.



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