The AGO G5 EVOD is a staple product in the dry herb category of vaping. It’s discreet, sleek, and sturdy. A must have for any smoker’s weed kit.

The Snoop Dogg | G Pen Herbal, the first in a collection of upcoming releases designed by Snoop, himself, The Double G Series. Vaporize dry herb in style.

This exclusive collaboration comes with the revolutionary G Pro laced with a bold camouflage finish indicative of the DGK epithet. Equipped with three variable temperature settings, the DGK | G Pro Herbal Vaporizer generates a uniquely-fitted, highly enjoyable vaping experience

Grenco Science is proud to unveil the next installment in The Double G Series, the Snoop Dogg | G Pro Herbal Vaporizer. A technological advancement offering convection vaporization. Features three variable temperature settings, enabling a uniquely-fitted vaping experience.

The G Pen Elite is an ergonomically designed portable convection vaporizer, featuring a full LED display with temperature control, battery life indicator, and all-ceramic heating chamber. Boasts the largest fully ceramic chamber on the market, with a revolutionary 360 ceramic heating element that provides fast and even convection vaporization of ground material from all sides. Users can experiment with low temperature true vaporization to explore optimal flavor profiles.

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