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Everyone knows Las Vegas is the land of adult freedom. But does that “anything goes” mentality extend to recreationally legalized weed? Short answer, kind of.

With so much to do and see, Vegas is a fantastic place to elevate for a whole new perspective. Walk the strip, gaze up at the huge (and brand new) screen at the Fremont Street Experience, hit the strip clubs, check out the graffiti in the art district or the murals downtown, eat delicious food, go ziplining, get stoned and play video games at an arcade, or hike Red Rock – each experience will be all the more exciting after you hit one of Las Vegas’ best dispensaries.

Can you smoke weed in Vegas?

There’s no shortage of places to procure a stinky bag of weed (up to an ounce at a time) in Vegas. In fact, with dozens of dispensaries spread throughout the valley, it’s never been easier to come up. But, ease of acquisition doesn’t necessarily mean that you can publicly consume it legally, especially if you’re from out of town. Yes, weed lounges have been talked about since cannabis became recreationally legal to those over 21 in Nevada in 2017, but as of press time, consumption is only allowed on private property.

What does that mean for visitors? 

You can always befriend a local, who will welcome you into their own stoner universe and show you the ropes. Or, if you’re not interested in expanding your squad you have a few options.

The only cannabis tasting room in the city is located just a few blocks north east of the Fremont Street Experience at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace (1235 Paiute Circle, Las Vegas). Because the 16k square foot dispensary is located on the Paiute Tribe’s land, the consumption room isn’t the only thing that is different from other stores around town. First, everything is priced as marked, with no tax markup at the register. Second, there’s no waiting room – show your ID at the door and you’re in. Third, they have a drive-thru where you can pick up your online order, saving time and money (you get a discount on your first online order). The tasting room is set up like many breweries, with a cushier atmosphere. Choose from bongs, pipes or dab rigs and sample strains before you buy, but be ready to pay for it, because this exclusive experience doesn’t come cheap. 

Beyond hitting up NuWu or befriending a local stoner, your options to partake are similar to those in any other city. Be discreet, cover your tracks and don’t smoke and drive. Also, if you choose edibles or vape cartridges, you’re set.  

Insider tip: Book a hotel with a terrace. 

Image Courtesy of Nuwu Cannabis

Who has the best deals?

Ballers and broke asses alike always want a bargain. You can still score cheap weed in Vegas, but like anything else, you get what you pay for. That said, most dispensaries offer daily deals and Nevada resident discounts (yet another reason to be cool with the locals). As with everything in Vegas, the farther you go off strip, the better the prices will be. But it also comes down to timing. On Friday and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Acres Cannabis (2320 Western Ave., Las Vegas) hosts its Underground Marijuana Farmer’s Market. Check in and stroll over to the “underground” space through the makeshift mine tunnel to take advantage of weekly specials. Located just off the strip, Acres is easy to spot, in part due to the eye-catching framed murals out front. Just a block away, Oasis Cannabis (1800 Industrial, Las Vegas) is also known for its specials. Enter the clean and modern shop nestled behind a mid-century office building and check out the deals of the day on the flatscreen. Grabbing a cab to Oasis is easy from any strip casino, and they’ll usually wait while you shop. 

Insider Tip: When you prefer quality over quantity, hit up Reef Dispensaries (3400 Western, Las Vegas) to grab a coveted jar of Khalifa Kush or Platinum Cookies. 

Image Courtesy of Acres Cannabis

Which locations are the most convenient?

Maximize your time in Vegas by spending as little time as possible commuting to and from the dispensaries. But remember – you almost always pay for convenience. Most stores offer delivery as well, just check their websites for minimums and restrictions. When you’d rather pick out your own sack, hit up Essence (2307 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas), the only dispensary on the strip. They aren’t known for their deals, but they make up for it with a huge selection. If you want to make a weed stop right when you touch down, The Grove (4647 University Center Dr., Las Vegas) is near McCarren Airport and is also right next door to iconic dive bar, Double Down Saloon. Or, just off the strip, Las Vegas ReLeaf (2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas) gives you the local flavor (and prices) within walking distance. 

Insider tip: Treat yourself to an exclusive TwoRoots Lager while you’re visiting ReLeaf.   

Image Courtesy of Two Roots Cannabis

Which Las Vegas dispensaries are the coolest?

Of course, there is no official coolness rating system, but there are a few shops that really go above and beyond to create a dope atmosphere. When it comes to providing a true Las Vegas dispensary experience, Planet 13 (2548 W. Desert Inn Road, Suite 100) delivers. Not just a weed shop, the enormous entertainment complex also features a coffee shop, rooftop deck and interactive art displays. Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary (2900 E. Desert Inn Road, Suite 102) located on Vegas’ infamous eastside is a celebrity hotspot. Known as Vegas’ official hip-hop dispensary, shopping there puts you in the same company as DJ Infamous, Rick Ross, Dave East, Method Man, T.I. and Dizzy Wright among many more. Shit, Flava Flav is their delivery guy (in their ads.) 

Insider tip: Smoke before you visit Planet 13 and spend some time playing with the interactive LED floor. You won’t be sorry. 

Image Courtesy of Planet 13 Las Vegas


Wherever you end up and whatever you smoke, Las Vegas’ dispensary scene is hitting hard.

– Nicole Cormier


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