Top Strains for Video Gaming – Get High and Play

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Weed can modify and amplify all of the usual experiences we have, and gaming is surely one of those. Find out which weed pairs best with playing your favorite games.

Top Strains for Video Gaming

If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, you might want to try experiencing its effects paired with different activities you enjoy to elevate the experience to a new level. Playing video games is probably one of the most popular activities among regular stoners as you can experience it from an entirely different angle of perception and even achieve an entirely new dimension of immersion into the virtual world. Of course, not all of the weed strains are good for playing video games, as you would still want to maintain some degree of focus while being high. Today, we are going to discuss some of the weed strains that pair well with playing video games. 


AK-47 is a Sativa-dominant weed that gives you a relaxed yet focused high that keeps you elevated but right to the point where you still have full control over your mind and body. That is a perfect combination for smoking weed and playing video games with some of your buddies. You might want to try some fighting games or cooperative experiences that engage you and your friends in solving puzzles or finding creative solutions to the games’ challenges. If you want to have more fun than usual, that might just be your go-to strain, so you should totally try it out as soon as you can. 

Blue Dream

Sativa-dominant cannabis, Blue Dream, gives you that combination of relaxation and focus that is just perfect for a chill evening with your favorite games. A perfect combination of body relaxation and mental elevation is great for playing games on your soft couch and snacking a bit. If you want a great evening with your gamepad and some crunchy snacks – Blue Dream is the way to go. 

Blue Dream Strain
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London Pound Cake

The good thing about this strain is that it gives you a euphoric and relaxed high, perfect for spending some quality time with friends and playing video games. This is a great strain for when you want to chill out and have a chill and lighthearted gaming experience. One of the best things about London Pound Cake is that it is a rather potent weed that produces a strong high that keeps you happy and relaxed for quite some time. Your body feels warm and relaxed while your brain remains quite active and stimulated. That is a perfect combo for chilling on the couch and playing video games. Of course, your reflexes might be a bit hindered by the weed, so you might not want to play some difficult titles, but if it comes down to some casual gaming – the Cake is a perfect choice.

Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is quite a unique strain that unveils your creative potential and elevates your brain activity. Some users say it is perfect for playing puzzle games as it really makes you think in a slightly different manner and improves your creative thinking. It is a good choice for those of you who enjoy games that make you think more than regular shooters. Smoking this kind of weed is certainly a good idea for playing strategies too. If you’ve been struggling with some kind of puzzle in your favorite titles, maybe some Lemon Cush is just what you need to finally solve it.

Acapulco Gold

That is a Sativa-dominant strain that is primarily recommended to people who have a hard time focusing on their tasks. This weed puts your mind on a track and makes it easier for you to follow that path. What makes it a good weed for gaming is that you can really concentrate on the things you do and improve your score quite nicely. If you like racing games or shooters, Acapulco Gold might just be the weed you need to truly focus on and have a fun time. Try it and play some lighthearted and fun games that allow you to relax without overwhelming you – just go ahead and try it out.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is an Indica-dominant weed that is perfect for when you don’t want to focus on things too much and just want to chill. This weed pairs nicely with some casual games, maybe some calm and peaceful arcades. The Pie puts you in a relaxed and serene state that is perfect for some nice-looking, colorful, and maybe even childish games. Play something like Sponge Bob game, not Dark Souls. You’ll have a fun time and relax really nicely with that strain and a couple of colorful games.

Wrap Up

Playing video games is a fun activity, and though it is meant for relaxing and having fun, some of them might be quite stress-inducing. Some games pose too much of a challenge, even for the experienced players, and are meant to make you push your concentration and skill to their limits. Of course, pushing yourself too hard might not be the best idea when smoking cannabis. The idea is to relax and have fun, so it is not recommended to play something like Dark Souls or whatnot; it is much better to stick to something non-violent, picturesque, kind, and entertaining. The best idea is to play something with a good sense of humor – there are tons of such games out there, so you might want to play something lighthearted. Just consume your weed responsibly and have a good time!



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