What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

Growing marijuana seeds at home can be very satisfying. If you are into gardening, you will enjoy the process of cultivating a plant, and then you will enjoy the many benefits of marijuana, especially its health benefits. For instance, cannabis has been reported to provide relief from chronic pain, helps you fight obesity, prevents and regulates diabetes, improves bone health, treats glaucoma, slows down Alzheimer’s progression, treats bowel issues, and may also fight cancer.It is thus no surprise that legal cannabis has become so popular throughout the world in recent times.

Growing Cannabis

It is possible to grow cannabis at home easily. It can be grown even in your backyard. But the first thing you need is accurate information on its various seed varieties.

Marijuana, marihujana, cannabis is a yearly plant. In other words, it germinates, grows, give flowers, and also dies within the same year. There is only one exception – the plant giving a flower. Marihujana is dioecious too, which means, they have both the sexes. You can get new plants by crossing both genders.

However, for growing seeds, always cultivate the female species. That’s because a male version will just give pollen. When it pollinates other plants, only seeds are produced. Female plants, however, will give the flower. So, it’s always best to harvest female plants for self-cannabis use.

Marijuana, Cannabis – What’s the Difference?

There is a slight difference. Cannabis is actually the genus, while its species is marijuana. Marihujana plants belong to the cannabis genus, which means, marijuana will always be cannabis. But, cannabis isn’t always marijuana.

Marijuana is sometimes also referred to as dope, pot, bud, honeycomb, ganja, and weed. People have taken it for a long time.

Marijuana Seed Types

There are 3 main types of marijuana or cannabis seeds. They can be purchased online at various places like the Herbies Seeds store, for example. The 3 types are – 

  1. Regular seeds
  2. Feminized seeds
  3. Auto-flowering variety seeds

Regular Seeds

They will give you both the gender varieties. This means, So, you will not get to control its sex. There can be a need to cut off your male varieties to ensure that they do not impact the female varieties’ yield. You will have annual plants if grown outdoors.

Outdoor Growing – There are yearly plants when cultivated outdoors. Those living in northern parts of the world, should plant from March-June. The harvesting season is September-November. On southern parts of the world, plant from September-December. Harvest March-May.

Indoor Growing – Grow your seeds all 12 months. That’s because, when you cultivate indoors, you can control all climate parameters. But make sure that you provide 18 hours’ light. The seeds should also get 6 dark hours. During flowering, the cycle needs to be for 12 hours. Other parameters like the period of flowering period as well as humidity varies, depending on your seed strain.

Characteristics – Both female, male plants


Northern Hemisphere

Plant from March to June Harvest from September to November

Southern Hemisphere

Plant from September to December Harvest from March to May


Grow throughout the year

Feminized Seeds

These marijuana seeds will always provide female plants. You won’t get the male variety, which isn’t of much use. They will provide resinous buds in different effects, flavors, depending on your strain, such as – 

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • A cannabis rudelaris or sativa-indica hybrid

Outdoor Growing – The yield is annual plants. Those living in the north, must plant March-June and harvest September-December. In the south, plant September-December and harvest March-May.

Indoor Growing – Like regular seeds, here too, you can plant throughout a year as you will have better control. The cycle must also be 18 and 6 for light and shade. During flowering time, make sure to change the cycle to 12.

Both indoor, outdoor characteristics will remain similar like regular type of seeds. However, remember, indica plants require less time for flowering, when you compare to sativa variety because the buds here need more time for maturing.

Characteristics – Gives you female plants


Northern Hemisphere

Plant from March to June Harvest from September to December

Southern Hemisphere

Plant from September to December Harvest from March to May


Grow throughout the year

Auto-Flowering Seeds

They can provide both feminized, regular plants. However, most varieties available are feminized. These seeds will grow into plants where the life cycle is 2-3 months. So they will germinate, grow, and flower, all within this time – they are a mix breed.

Outdoor Growing – Automatic flowering is special, which allows those living in the north to cultivate seeds March-October. Those in the south, can grow September-April. The life cycle is for 2-3 months. You can harvest all 12 months.

Indoor Growing – You must provide 18 to 20 hours’ bright light, darkness spell of 4 to 6 hours. Once again, it depends on strain.

Characteristics – Both feminized, regular plants


Northern Hemisphere

Plant from March to October Harvest throughout the year

Southern Hemisphere

Plant from September to April Harvest throughout the year


Grow throughout the year

When planning to grow marijuana at home, make sure that you choose the best marijuana seeds available. Also, ensure that it is resistant to most fungal infections. Get professional help, if required. Finally, find out how many cannabis plants you can grow legally at home.



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