Viral artist Yung City teams up with Global Dan for New single “Hopeless”

Already drawing comparisons to Juice WRLD and other greats, rising artist Yung City has garnered over 31 million plays on his recent track, This One is For You, a heartfelt tribute to his departed father. The 20 year old artist is hitting the charts for the first time and trailblazing for the next generation of conscious hip-hop by combining melodic rap with real messages and content. He’s now back again with another single, and this time he’s teamed up with acclaimed artist and songwriter Global Dan for their new collab, Hopeless, which is out now on all major streaming platforms.

City breaks down the challenges and frustrations of his young love life over a warm guitar riffs and smooth synths, while Global Dan commiserates with an addictive melody on the hook. The two make a great combo, hopefully they are working on some more records! We expect to be hearing this one all summer!

After receiving a football scholarship at CSU Pueblo, “Yung City” graduated high school and went onto college athletics. While attending CSU, he decided he wanted music to be his full-time focus and it became a turning point in his life as an artist. He said, I spent a year there, but my mind couldn’t focus on anything but music. I shortly realized I was wasting people’s time, including mine, although I appreciated the coaches and experience. When I dropped out, I had 30k monthly listeners a year after giving all my focus I now have half a million.”

Recently releasing popular hit single “This One Is For You Dad”, Yung City honors his father’s life and shares the compelling loss of his best friend and mentor. He explained, “My father was my best friend. He was a hustler doing everything he could to provide for his family. My dad would go to chemotherapy in his work uniform. That man was literally Superman. It was always just me and him, so when he passed away, I lost a part of me.”

The song has been used all over the world in popular TikTok and Youtube videos, growing recognition for Yung City’s talent and soul— “When I made that song, I never knew it would go where it is now. I just missed my dad so much—when I went in my room, got my snowball microphone, and made the song in 30 minutes. I didn’t drop it for four months because I thought it was too personal, you can even hear me crying on the track. But I ended up posting it and I’m so grateful I did it, because the song has been able to help so many people. That’s all I want to do with music.”

Yung City is currently working with producers such as Treyy G (150M plays for “Trumpsta”) and songwriters such as Global Dan (52M plays for “Dark Out”), writing new music and upcoming releases. He explained, “I’m trying to understand production and the power of it. I know what a timeless record sounds like and how it can make others feel. I am trying to out-do my favorite songs ever or at least make music that is up to that level.”



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