Upgrade your dab set up at On Point Smoke Shop

There’s quite a few internet head shops these days and lord knows we’ve been to most of them. With so many products out there, you could spend all day browsing for the perfect piece. More an more, its important to find a online smoke shop the does the hard work for you by curating an awesome selection of dab rigs, pipes, bongs, and of course electronic vape and dab accessories. The people over at On Point smoke shop have managed to do just that. Check out a few of our favorites that are currently featured on their website.

The Dab Rite Table Top Temp Reader

The days of ripping a scorching hot glowing nail with a ribbon of shatter are over. These days, it’s all about terpenes, and finding an optimal temperature is the key to making sure you get a smooth hit with all the delicious flavor out of your favorite extracts. The dab rite will help you do just that, with a bunch of unique features including it’s flexible tempature reading arm, carb cap holder, and L.E.D. guide light. Plus it signals a sound and light alarm to indicate when you’ve reached the perfect temp! For any connoisseur or beginner, the dab rite just might become a staple of your dabbing kit.

Terp Pearlz

One of the latest trends in the world of dabbing is to add small spheres to your banger that spin around with the air and help to improve the vaporization of your concentrates. On point smoke has a huge variety of their own Terp Pearlz made from a variety of materials including ruby, sapphire and quartz, each designed to work at different temperature settings. These are a cheap and easy way to upgrade your kit, and they look cool too!

Quartz Nail

Last but not least, the quartz nail! The nail is a critical component in your dab set up. It’s the place where the magic happens, and it’s not a corner that should be cut. There’s lots of options, but we prefer quartz simply because it heats up faster than ceramic and titanium nails, and because it lasts longer than regular glass nails. They come in a lot of shapes and sizes based on your preference, so On Point smoke shop has a huge variety to choose from. We prefer the bucket shaped banger style, but to each their own.



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