Trillz On Top is back at it again, this time with a brand-new style, a brand-new look and his foot on the gas with the release of his brand new single and music video, “Maserati Music”. Maseed Productions laced up this hard hitting, synth driven, 808 bass heavy track for Trillz On Top and in true Maserati fashion, he got on it and rode that thing like he was driving 120 mph on the Autobahn. The song is a high energy adrenaline rush that will leave your heart pumping out of your chest as your eardrums are taken on a high speed musical joy ride. Young Trillz spits fire with intricate flows that come at you like bullets fired from a machine gun. At only 15 years old, this lil’ white kid from the suburbs holds his own with rappers twice his age and he’s just getting started.



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