The Different Types Of Businesses In The Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry has experienced exponential growth, which has presented opportunities to new business to develop products in the marijuana industry. There are many companies that are now working within the industry, and some of them don’t actually grow or sell marijuana. This means there are opportunities to invest in the marijuana industry without investing in the distribution or cultivation of marijuana. There are many examples of companies that are operating in the industry, and some of the best examples are included here.

Agriculture Tech
The marijuana industry relies on equipment to grow marijuana. There are companies that support the innovation of such equipment. This includes greenhouse technologies, lighting systems and fertilizer systems to name a few.

Ancillary: Products & Services
Companies are providing ancillary services and products. This includes breathalyzers that detect marijuana levels in one’s body. This also includes laboratories that conduct tests on cannabis-based products. This includes businesses that offer insurance to those offering marijuana products or to those who cultivate it.

Companies that focus on marijuana being applied as a medicine, and they do this by developing treatments for specific diseases and illnesses. More and more companies are getting involved in this area. The number is expected to grow as time goes by.

Consultation Services
Companies that respond to regulations that are focused on the industry. Some companies are now providing services to help other companies with things such as zoning and licensing. These are only a few examples.

Consumption Devices/Retail
There are companies that produce marijuana products for consumption. There’s also companies that sell it and grow it. These are usually the companies people think of first when the marijuana industry comes up in conversation. On that note, there are a range of cannabis products and extracts, such as drinks and oils to name a few.

Holding Companies
These are businesses that own shares in a marijuana company. It allows them to have input in various aspects of the company. The best marijuana stocks are sure to do well. This is similar to shareholders in other industries.

Industrial Hemp And Organic Farms
Industrial hemp is a sector of the industry in which companies provide hemp in various capacities. This can include using hemp to make paper, clothes, fuel, food and many other things. Do bear in mind that hemp is not the same as marijuana.

Also, there are organic farms. These are companies that grow organic marijuana and sell it to the public. They rely on supply and demand in order to make profits.



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