The Best Weed Delivery In DC – 202Bayside

Your #1 Source For DC Weed Delivery. To place your order or schedule a private meetup, click here: 202 Bayside is a premium cannabis consultation/pickup service in Washington DC. We can provide FREE weed to anyone over 21 years old, even if you aren’t a DC resident.

If you want to talk with one of our expert consultants about how you can get your gifts, on-demand, please book a FREE call by clicking the blue button “Book An Appointment.”

At that time, we will call you and answer ALL of your questions about price, selection, and how you can get high and happy within 1 hour.

We’ve served over 15,000 clients coming from all over the East Coast, and we are proudly the oldest pickup service in DC under Initiative-71, operating since 2015.

You can also see the 202Bayside menu here:

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