The Best Rapper You’ve Never Seen: Spark Master Tape

Spark Master Tape is the only name you’ll know him by — the otherwise anonymous rapper, who is speculatively based in California, is most identifiable for his sound. His pitched-down voice, masked face and gloved hands, and consistent protection of his true likeness leaves little else to identify him by. All of these things, in conjunction with his intoxicating and addictive music, contribute to an authentic, growing mystique surrounding Spark and his collective of musicians and artists, the Paper Platoon. SMT went dark on social media in recent years, only briefly resurfacing here and there, further adding to the intrigue for fans awaiting his next album.

Spark Master Tape and the Paper Platoon came ‘back out of the #SWOUP coma’ and released a new album titled The Sale of a Soul earlier this month. It’s an innovative and hard-hitting trap album, full of infectious, creative beats, switch-ups, and masterful lyrics, which instantly invokes the aesthetic of Spark Master Tape’s iconic videos in your mind. We may not know who SMT is, but the identity of his music is strong and undeniable, and The Sale of a Soul is further proof of this point. He teased the release of his new album on February 10th, with a drop date of February 29th, 2023 (it’s not a leap year); who needs April Fool’s day if you can play a trick in March instead?  Check out the new album below!



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