Spotlight: Doctor’s Orders Denver Dispensary

Denver, CO is the birth place of legal recreational cannabis. With hundreds of dispensaries packed into the downtown and surrounding areas it’s hard to pick the right spot, but if you find yourself in North Denver, a stop at Doctor’s Orders should be considered mandatory. This independently owned Denver Dispensary has been serving the city with top shelf flower and more since 2009 in the early medical days, and it’s now a household name for recreational shoppers alike.

Located on 38th Ave in Denver, the place isn’t exactly fancy, so if you’re just looking for a cool place to pose in front of on your instagram, this may not be the spot for you. If you’re a real smoker looking for a straight forward experience and the cheap fire, however, look no further. After being buzzed back through the security door, you’ll come into a nice view of 25+ jars of premium flower strains as well as a nice array of extracts and edibles behind the counter, all at some of the best prices Denver has to offer.

Doctor’s Orders is known for selling their flower deli style, meaning it’s always weighed out right in front of you as opposed to being pre-packaged. Another cool thing about this shop is that they let you mix and match strains at almost any denomination. You can split an ounce 4 ways, or an eighth into halves, so on and so forth. The budtenders are friendly and honest, and won’t hesitate to guide you to the best strains in the house.

Budtender pulling some Maui Wowie.

We at Get Em High prefer flower, but for dabbers there’s plenty of what you’re looking for. Doctor’s Orders award winning concentrates selection includes wax, shatter, live resin, diamonds, and rosin from some of Colorado’s premier processors including Viola, Kushmasters, Lucky Turtle, Dab Logic, and more. The edibles selection is equally robust with everything from gummies, to drinks, chocolate bars, and even infused ice cream.

If you’re hunting for a bargain, be sure to take advantage of their buy one get one grams every Tuesday and Sunday, a deal they’ve been running for close to a decade. Dabbers day is Wednesday with $5-10 off per gram of most concentrates. Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s a good chance they have it cheaper than anyone else. The best part? Odds are you won’t have to deal with a pretentious budtender talking a bunch of cannabis science that they don’t even actually understand, something we encounter more and more around the country.

While this Denver gem has it’s cons like everywhere else, for the smoker’s smoker, Doctor’s Orders just might be your favorite Denver Dispensary. Check them out and decide for yourself, or place an order online at to avoid lines and crowds!

Recreational Side Exterior



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