*Sponsored* Usefulness of the Cajon Drums in Hip Hop

The Cajon drums is a very versatile type of drum. Its application and importance have proven relevance in the music industry, with a surprising part in the hip-hop music industry. The hip-hop music industry is a very diverse music industry where the elite makes music due to the reputation involved. Most upcoming artists do well to please their fans to the fullest to ensure they get the required support to move up the rankings. Moving up the ranks in the music industry is no easy job, and it takes a lot of commitment and skill to even get a budge up the charts. This would cause the artist to require a lot of quality equipment and backups; a major reason why the best producers are sought after. Producers with a good reputation and are among the best rankings are usually sought after because they offer the best equipment and sound quality. Although, it is usually because their reputation also causes a boost in sales and fan support.
Now it is clear that the hip-hop music industry is after the best at all cost, and it is expected that every equipment and backup singer used is top notch. So one would now wonder why the Cajon drums would be able to fit into this industry. The question is actually if the Cajon drums can fit into the hip-hop industry. Since we are focusing on how important it is to the hip-hop industry, it can be concluded that it can fit into it quite fine, but first we would have to understand what this instrument is all about.

What is the cajon drum?
The Cajon drum is an instrument that is shaped like a box, looking more or less like a coffee box. It is a traditional instrument that originated in the city of Peru and is played by striking the wooden surfaces of the box. The front and rear faces are the ones usually being struck, although, the percussionist can hit the sides for added effects and tones. The faces are often made with thin plywood and are played using the fingers, hands, and sticks such as the mallet, brush and conventional drumsticks.
The Cajon drum is used popularly in the traditional Afro-Peruvian music, and other contemporary styles of music such as flamenco, Latin music and host of others. The Cajon drum is made out of thin wood sheets that range from 0.5 to 0.75 inches in thickness on the five sides of the box excluding the front surface. The sixth side or front surface, known as the batter head, is made from thinner plywood attached to the rest to complete the box shape. The batter head is traditionally known as the ‘tapa’ by the traditional folk. Its sounds can be controlled, and one way of doing that is by cutting a circular hole at the back of the box opposite the ‘tapa.’
The versatility of the instrument is one to reckon with, and one can but wonder if there are limits to its use in the music industry.

How the fuse the cajon drums in hip hop music
Those who play the instrument know fully well what it is capable of, and the varieties of sounds it can produce. The Cajon drum is quite a remarkable instrument and has proven its relevance in the hip-hop music industry. The front surface of the Cajon drum is very dynamic in sound production. It produces a variety of sound that one can easily fuse into hip hop music. How? We all know that the tapa of the Cajon drum has a very bright sound, and sounds more like a tight conga and a very low clap fused together. It is this duality of sound that makes it suitable for the hip-hop industry since we all know that the hip-hop industry uses the clap sound and the conga a lot. The best part is that this comes in handy when songs that need the conga and clap fused together are produced. Even if they aren’t needed, there is no harm in using the Cajon drum as an auxiliary instrument to add more fullness to the overall sound.
The back of the Cajon drums produces what is somewhat similar to the sound of a bass drum. The relevance of the bass drum is not only restricted to the hip-hop music industry but every other music industry in the world. This is a point where the Cajon drum capitalizes on since it is very dexterous in producing that sound. It is even believed that the box can serve as a bass drum in some extreme cases. With all that has been mentioned, one can see clearly that the hip-hop industry needs the Cajon drum and not a matter of the Cajon drum trying to fit in.
So it is safe to say that having a Cajon drum handy for any of your hip hop gigs would be a very smart move, and would prove to be more of a useful instrument than a backup or auxiliary instrument. Compared to other instrument this one is relatively cheap and it will be super useful addition to your arsenal, but first make sure that you make your research and find the best cajon drum possible. Just note that the instrument has its requirements to produce the best sound; just like the drum set requires good sound too. So, ensure that you provide the Cajon drums with the best sound possible.



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