*Sponsored* Interview with hip hop artist Lucian Queen

We caught up with St. Lucia’s rising hip hop artist Lucian Queen. Check out what she had to say about her influences, career and more!

Get Em High: Tell us a little about yourself and you career.

Lucian Queen: I am a 29 y/o mother of 3, that loves to be me and learn more about my children.
I have always been a hard worker and found plenty ways to keep money in my pockets. Everyone has their struggle and after a near death situation in 2008, I’ve found plenty reasons to smile!! I love Life, I aim to live mine to the fullest and give my kids the world with money as my motivation.

GEH: What or who in your life influenced your music and who supports you?

LQ: Back in Middle school, My band teacher Mr. Bruce Green encouraged my ear for music. He found a spunk in me and directed me to play the Alto Saxophone. Along the way, he also taught me to play the flute, and the piccolo. Later on in high school, my English Honors teacher Ms. Patricia Lockaby motivated my interest in poetry and writing. She continued to challenge me and creating more goals for me to accomplish for my own self growth. I had a Love/Hate relationship with that woman, she was so mean, but looking back I thank her so much for the encouragement and the drive she instilled in me. Currently, My main supporters are my children and my family. My kids know damn near every word to all the songs I have currently recorded. My mom travels and sells cars and every state she goes to she calls me and lets someone new hear my music or follow one of my music pages. My kids father is one of my main supporters, he is good friends with a few local artist like Woop and Toniboy, that encourage me to do my thang and keep my music jumpin. My brother’s are a really big part of my support group because they give me pointers on my tracks before I record. They advise me on how they think the track would sound if I flowed a certain way on it. I love everyone who supports me whether they are Loud supporters or quiet supporters, as long as the showing love!!

GEH: When did you realize you would make music your career?

LQ: I decided to jump head first into my music in November 2015..LOL.. I took a chance and went to the studio and fell in love with hearing my voice on a track. I fell in love with the environment of the recording studio and how putting those headphones and unleashing tha beast into the Mic. From that point, I knew this is something that I would love to make a career out of. Oddly, my family thought I was going to be a singer. Even though I really do enjoy singing, I feel with rapping, I can really get my point across and be Authentic and be ME!!

GEH: What’s the music scene like in St. Lucia for those who aren’t familiar?

LQ: The Music scene in St. Lucia is Crazy!! My grandmother (Rest her Soul) used to listen to all types of music. Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Soca, Calypso, etc. Music is the beat to our hearts. Music makes every mood correct. Music is how we cleaned every inch of the house, Music is how we throw parties and invite the neighborhood to eat and have fun, Music is how we repressed our anger and brought light to situations. St. Lucians LOVE MUSIC.. I used to love to go to Carnival and JUMP UP with my grandmother.. Greatest Memories of my childhood.

GEH: What makes you different than other artists today?

LQ: In my opinion, what makes me different from other artists today is I’m not trying to get in where I fit in. I’m trying to leave a LONG LASTING IMPRESSION on this music industry. I have an Authentic Swag and very versatile style of music that some people never open their minds to exploring. I pride myself in Honoring the label of Lucian Queen a.k.a St. Lucia’s Finest!! I’m not just another female rapper, I am an ARTIST and I take pride in my music.

GEH: What would you change about music / rap today?

LQ: Can’t say that there is much that I would choose to change about rap music today. Everyone has their own style and way they wanna impact the music industry.




GEH: What’s coming up for you? Any projects or shows etc in the works?

LQ: The possibilities are endless for me right now. I don’t have any known shows right now but I have so much coming in the near future. I have some videos in the works and will have word on shows as they come. I am working with Steve Elcock of Trackset Studios who is on top of all of that. He is on top of all of that. He knows that I’m always ready so whatever he may have come up, if it concerns my performing of expressing my music, IM ON GO!!

GEH: Anything else you want to say? Shoutouts?

LQ: I would Like to Give a BIG thanks to the LORD, he knows my purpose, my strength and my motivation!! I wanna shout out my beautiful children Ka’Mya, Ka’Myra, and Patrick Jr. The LOVES of my LIFE!! My mother Trudy for always having my back!! My kids father Swazi for pushing me forward and believing in me. My baby brother’s Lj and Justin who keep me laughing and upbeat and focused on my success. Shout out to all the Up and Coming artist with TRACKSET ENT that I have had the opportunity to work and vibe with!! Last, I would like to SHOUT OUT ALL of my fans. Everyone who is watching me grow into an  SUCCESSFUL ARTIST in the industry that show me any type of support that encourages me to continue to peruse my passion and Making my Dreams Grow into Reality and helping to become a main stream rapper and take care of my children while doing something I LOVE!!!!!
LUCIAN QUEEN a.k.a St. Lucia’s Finest!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity getemhigh.com, I REALLY APPRECIATE YA!!..



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