Interview with Director Bo Starks

Bo Starks is a Los Angeles based writer/director/film maker who originally gained notoriety as a hip hop artist. He’s got a full length feature film “Love or Laughs,” coming out this year. We had the chance to talk with Bo about his upcoming projects, check out the interview below along with the trailer for his sitcom “Dating in Real Life.”

GEH: You started out as a hip hop artist, what made you realize you might be better suited for film and television?

Bo: Music was just to limited I wanted to get more in-depth into the visual aspect of story telling and even made a few all video albums but still that wasn’t enough. Another thing about rap that was killing me was that I grew up in the era of “keeping it real”, so I only talked about the stuff I did, but film is fiction and I can be more creative. Even though most rappers treat rap like its fiction, I couldn’t really do it.

GEH: What were some of the struggles of that transition?

Bo: The entire transition was hard. Films are way more expensive then albums and they require the participation of about 100-150 people, that’s cast crew and extras. Putting the team in place and then directing the team to completion is border line impossible. And film people are funny they have there own language and customs so don’t ask your film producer to make a beat, you might get fired.

GEH: What do you think the two industries have in common?

Bo:They both communicate ideas. Good songs inspire great movie and good movies inspire great songs. As for the business aspect I would say they are built on the same model but they operate totally different. The film industry is small an exclusive, it takes a lot of resources to make a movie, but you can make a quality album in the basement.

GEH: Who are some of your favorite screen writers and directors right now?

B0: All the Black people that aren’t afraid to work with the majors; Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes and the o.g. Byron Allen. Mr. Allen is a major independent that owns his own network and of course Mr. Perry has his own studios in Atlanta. They’re working with the majors and creating access for others.

GEH:Tell us about your upcoming film “Love or Laughs” set for release this year.

Bo: Love Or Laughs an action packed comedy about Kim, who meets Boogie a rapper online and they decide to invite several of there friends for one big group date. The girls are hot and the guys are too funny. It follow the group as the split up into couples and take over different parts of Hollywood. Its a fun movie we shoot entire in LA. I directed it and Peter Boroosh was the DP. It will be out this year.

GEH: I understand you created the music for the film, what came first, the song ideas or the film?

Bo: Like mention early my songs are like movies and they are often inspired real life situations. Love Or Laughs is based upon real people and actual events so the soundtrack is birthed from those same events. The editor actually selected my songs for the soundtrack though. It wasn’t my idea but everybody told me to use the songs, they do make it feel good.

GEH: Anything else you are working on?

Bo: I have a love for television so I created a couple scripted sitcoms that are outrageous and ridiculous comedies. Look out for anything with my name on it over the next couple years, I’ll be working. Its best to follow me @goodmoneybo or keep up with




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