*Sponsored* Eb&Flow She Always Askin feat. $$$

We sat down with Eb&Flow to talk about his new track She Always Askin feat. $$$, and to learn a little more about his career.

GEH: Tell us a little about yourself and you career.

my name is Eb, i grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati and moved to the hood from there at about 16. in high school, a deep love of Hip Hop music was founded, and from there i have spent my time pursuing the music, and the allure of the music industry. my music is Hip Hop to the core, the beats are produced like classics and not a word escapes me without having some passion put behind it,
GEH: Who are some of your biggest influences in the Industry?

GEH: What makes you different than other artists today?
the joey bada$$’ and the Kendrick Lamars are the guys who have shown that the world still will support real Hip Hop, as long as its presented to them right.. beyond that i study the greats. of Hip Hop and of music altogether. the Bob Marleys, the Jimi Hendrixs, the John lennons, the Janice Joplins- i love to hear from those artists that touched the masses in a unique way. those are the artists that i look up to.

GEH: How is your new project different from others?

artists today (especially in Hip Hop) are so afraid of soul. they practically run from it, artists today seek more novel entertainment value, but i think listeners today are waiting to see our artists return to the soul, the feeling, the heart that makes a record truly great. we’re returning to that sound more nowadays, i believe what makes me different is not bbeing afraid to dive into the soul and see what i come out with on the other side.

GEH: What would you change about music today?

Cincinnati’s music scene is dismal. the peoples support is limited but everyone is also standing around waiting for someone to make it out of the city. i think their is a lack of appreciation here for culture and the roots of culture and more of an emphasis on entertainment value than quality music, or art. few artists have ever made it out of Cincinnati, and all of us here are trying to figure out why. We certainly have the talent here.

GEH: What’s next for you?

like i said before, music today is so trivialized. Pop music has this gross connotation around it, but all it stands for is “popular music.” why shouldn’t popular music be soulful? why shouldnt it be thought provoking as opposed to mind numbing? there are so many people trying to be artists right now, i think if more of them set their focus on bringing the real feeling back to mainstream sensibility than an immense wave could be created, but i think people are too scared. we need more leaders wanting to be musicians.

GEH: Any closing remarks or shoutouts?

there is a lot of name building to be done here, but i have no problems with that. Cincinnati is distrustful, so building a name as an artists that everyone

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