*Sponsored* CA Cannabis club introduces first of its kind the Cannabis infused Martini

Modern Martini Rx is the newly launched product by the California Cannabis Club, which is a one of its kind Martini infused with the Cannabis plant flavor. The first and original Martini, as the company says, does not have any alcohol content in it.

All the Martini lovers are surely in here for a treat as the unique Martini comes in a sleek and sexy patent design packaging with a special cap attached to it to measure the dose. The bottle also comes with a tamper-evident proof packaging to ensure the quality of the product.

The product is all set to be launched in the market in fall 2015 in fact; whole new product line will go main stream in the state of California this fall. Of course, this makes the whole Cannabis industry excited about it with people talking about the unique product and waiting to hold a glass full of it.

Apart from the very exclusive Cannabis Martini, the company is also launching a variety of other flavors like ‘Absinthe pear’ with flavors extracted right from the delicious pear fruit, the ‘Delucious Chocolat for all the chocolate lovers, ‘Whipped Strawberry Crème’ and G6 Punch berry for the lovers of citrus flavored Martini, the all time favorite of people and most popular, Canna Cosmo and the last, High on the Beach that is meant to add zing to the outdoor and beach getaways.

The main ingredient in the Cannabis plant is THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the high and the ModerMartinin Rx contains 100 mg of THC in it. The THC ingredient has also a number of scientifically proven medical benefits like relieving pain, nausea and depression.

Many researchers have also shown that THC affects the brain cells and stimulates their growth. Considering the kind of benefits it has to offer, the cannabis Martini is surely expected to cause a lot of stir in the market and become popular among the people. The brand promises to come with highest quality of refined THC in it and made with purified water using all natural organic flavors.

Website: www.modernmartinirx.com

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