Rapper Canyon talks about his new collab with “Reservations” Jadakiss and more (Interview)

NY artist Canyon has made big waves in a short time, dropping his debut single “Shark Tank” featuring the legendary Raekwon (of the Wu Tang Clan if you’re clueless.) Now he’s back with another New York legend on his second release, Reservations, where the rising emcee holds his own with a juggernaut as they both dive into the hustlers mentality and the precious moments of spending hard earned money with the people closest to you. We chopped it up with Canyon about the new record and more, check out the animated video and the interview below.

Get Em High: What’s good Canyon. For those who don’t know, introduce yourself and your music. (Where you from etc, describe sound.)

Canyon: Whatsup Nick! I’m Canyon, I’m from New York but just moved to LA. Now that the new single “Reservations” just dropped, I’ve officially released two songs so far with some incredible co-signs and features. 

Those are just the first two of many I have coming by the way. As for my style, I really have always appreciated two styles of rapping; super creative rap and just up straight bars. So I try to fuse those two influences.

GEH: You really hit the ground running with your first drop ever “Shark Tank” feat. Raekwon, a huge success, will hit a 1M streams before long. Were you making music under a different name/project prior to that song or is that really your first record as an artist.

Canyon: First of all thank you, really humbled by all of that. I’ve been recording for years, but as far as putting songs out on the streaming platforms, “Shark Tank” is the first song I’ve ever officially put out.

I’ve been recording for a decade now and at one point had a deal with a small label where they’d pay for my studio time. For a while I had no rap name, I just didn’t want to commit to anything I didn’t identify with strongly. Canyon felt right the second it dawned on me. I’m a deep person plus I live in CA and I’m from NY and I’m trying to get ON, so it just fit.

The past year I’m definitely on some different shit though. Since the pandemic hit I quit my job and just went crazy with it, all the way in. Some rappers just want to get a deal or some money or some fame, clout whatever and that’s cool. My main goal is trying to make a legacy though and put my soul on wax. I’m truly pure like that.

GEH: You’re back now following up strong with your new joint with the legendary Jadakiss dropping today. Tell us about the record and how it came together.

Canyon: I got connected with Jadakiss through Raekwon’s brother Don, who separately has really taught me a lot of game and is an outstanding dude. 

There was another song I was about to suggest to Jada but Don told me wasn’t sure the beat was a fit. He was absolutely right. I had the beat for “Reservations” with my hook on it in my back pocket and I sent it to him and asked about it. He fucked with it, then Jada fucked with it, and the rest was history. The song is produced by Yung DZA who recently produced Cardi B’s #1 “Up.” 

“Reservations” is an anthem really about independence and not wanting help from fake people who want to use you. Jadakiss’ verse on this song is so on theme with the record and so crisp and well done, it’s crazy man. Kiss is really one of my all time favorite rappers and biggest inspirations. I’m happy the less in the know hip-hop fans around the world found out about his genius from the Verzuz, but to me Kiss has been in that Jay-Z category of generational rappers for a long time. I remember watching a live performance of his song “Why” with Anthony Hamilton as a kid over and over again in awe, so I really gotta pinch myself with this record man.

GEH: We’re seeing a little resurgence of bars and lyricism right now, do you think this style will make it’s way back to the mainstream?

Canyon: I’m glad you asked that, because I do think that’s happening. While I do think at least a few of the biggest rappers at any given moment are dope lyricists, there are a big handful of insane rappers who don’t get near their due. I think that’s the nature of the beast that sometimes a garbage rapper is gonna cut the line and we just have to accept it, but the game is for sure thriving more when lyrics are prioritized and everyone’s trying to outdo each other. 

Lately, there’s been a kind of counter culture of people who miss lyrical hip hop and as someone with nasty bars coming out the gate, I’m here for it.

GEH: What are some other artists and producers you’re feeling right now?

Canyon: As far as artists, my favorites ever are 2pac, Raekwon, Kiss, and then like I said, I also am inspired by the creative guys like Kid Cudi or SAINt JHN. I have always have fucked with Kxng Crooked’s music since he was Crooked I. His track “Schea Cotton” a couple months ago is just crazy man for anyone who hasn’t heard that. Real hip-hop shit. Just an incredible lyricist with such strong delivery. I’ve got some other people I really like but some of them I just worked with and I’m not trying to spoil too many surprises today!

As far as producers Yung DZA is amazing of course. Skeyez who produced Shark Tank for me and Raekwon is a beast. Fantom is dope, I got 2 songs with him. He produced that song “Dancing in my Room” by 347aidan that really blew up on TikTok. My man Yung Silvr out in Canada is a little lesser known guy for now but super dope and has produced some of my best stuff.

GEH: Gotta say, you’re 2 for 2 on the releases so far, what’s coming next..LP In the works? Any upcoming performances?

Canyon: I got a song coming with Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire coming in early December, which is a totally different vibe than the first two I’ve released. That’s a fun ass record man, it’s produced by Silvr. It fucking bumps!

 I also have this this one track man I’m so stoked about it’s hard to keep it to myself. Beautiful song. That ones gonna drop early in 2022 and it has no features.

Each of these songs is going to show a new side of me. It’ll lead up to a debut project that’s honestly already done and incredible, but just with the way things are going I’m starting to work with more artists so I’ll likely expand it. That’ll drop in 2022.

One thing I’d say about my style is that I’m very meticulous so I don’t ultimately green light a song to be released if it’s not an impactful, moving record. So when I say that all 2022 I’m going to be releasing awesome song after awesome song, I really mean it.

As far as performances, that’s going to start in 2022 and I’ll have some details on that soon. I’m out of my mind excited for it, my shows are gonna be wild! I just want a few more songs release so I can put on a real experience as a show. I’m definitely willing to take the time to enter the game right. You only get to debut once as a rapper.

GEH: Thanks for taking the time, and congrats on the recent success. Any last shoutouts or shameless plugs?

Canyon: Shoutout to the people who already joined the movement and the people who are about to join. I promise we are just getting started. 

Follow me on Instagram @CanyonOfficialMusic. Follow me on Spotify Youtube Metabook bla bla bla
Lastly, shoutout to my girl and my engineers for dealing with me. I can definitely be really stubborn at times, especially when I’m in that recording zone. Shoutout to the producers for setting the stage for me to walk on. Shoutout to Manhattan Beach Recording Studios. Shoutout to Jadakiss, Don, Raekwon. Shoutout to eXquire, we bout to go crazy with this next single. Shoutout to my friends and family for the support. Shoutout to you Nick, this was a fucking awesome interview.



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