Q&A With Sonic Blossom Headliner Bluetech

From the creators of Sonic Bloom, one of Colorado’s longest running summer music festivals, comes Sonic Blossom, it’s intimate, indoor, fall counterpart. Taking over Cervantes’ unrivaled dual venue set up in central Denver, the festival will encompass the same spirit of electronic and jam music one might expect from the Sonic Bloom family. Headlined by veteran ambient electronic producer Bluetech, with an all around awesome line-up that includes heavy hitter Spoonbill as well as CO favorites Dynohunter, and many other awesome acts. There should be an awesome mix of dancefloor bangers as well as chilled out vibes and everything in between. We got the chance to ask the headliner himself, Bluetech, about his current project and what we can expect to hear at Sonic Blossom tomorrow night. Check out the interview below and grab tickets to Sonic Blossom at cervantesmasterpiece.com now!

Get Em High: What’s good Bluetech, for those who may not be familiar describe your music in your own words?

Bluetech: I make downtempo electronic music with a focus on melody and sound design using analog synths.

You’ve been in the game now for 20+ years, what do you think has helped you survive and thrive while so many acts come and go?

Bluetech: I think focusing on my own vision instead of trying to chase trends or emulate what anyone else is doing.

Has your approach to producing and DJing changed with so much new technology over the years?

Bluetech: I started in the box, producing everything on a computer, and now I am very hardware focused, specifically with analog and modular synths.

So your new album Holotrope is out now, its divided into four segments, what does each “act” represent to you?

Bluetech: Well each act is titled, and is defined by its name which is Descending, Expanding, Ascending and Integrating. Its a road map for a journey of the mind.

There’s no credited collabs, remixes, or featured vocalists on Holotrope, was that something you decided to do before hand or just the way it worked out?

Bluetech: Most of my albums are just produced by me in the studio, so this is just how this one came together. Unless I feel a certain piece needs something that requires a collaboration, I tend to focus on my own process when writing.

What’s been the highlight of Holotrope tour thus far?

Bluetech: Dallas was a really great community at the Deep Ellum Art Co, and I really enjoyed connecting there. Also the fried chicken was amazing.

What can fans expect for your headline performance at Sonic Blossom at Cervantes this weekend?

Bluetech: I’ll be playing a mix of new and old and hopefully making everyone smile!

What’s next once you finish up this tour?

Bluetech: I’m starting to feel the idea for the next album coming together, so after I’m rested and the tour is finished Ill start production and exploring those ideas.

Any closing remarks or shout outs?

Bluetech: Shout outs always to the fans. They are the ones that keep the energy moving and keep me creating!




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