Q & A with indy rock artist Epi III

Rising ATX duo Epi III has been making waves in the states and overseas with their unique blend of genres including alt-rock, hip hop and more. They are on tour now in support of their new project “Wires In Raunch.” We got a chance to catch up with Epi, the front man of the group, to talk about what they have going on. Check out the Q&A and catch Epi III in Denver at Summit Music Hall with StarKill, or in your city this summer!

Getemhigh.com: For those who don’t know, introduce Epi III and describe your sound in your own words.

Epi III: Epi III is a musician from Austin, Texas. With an alternative/ rock sound. An energetic live performance with experimental recordings. Sound influences are Gorillaz, Ghostland Observatory, Rage Against the Machine, etc.

GEH: What’s the local music scene like in Austin, Texas? We’ve heard good things!

EPI: The local scene in Austin is great because there’s so many scenes. There’s hip hop shows, dance parties, metal shows. Almost anywhere you turn you can find country or blues. There’s so many different genres and cultures of music in Austin that it’s made to have a great scene. Music brings folks together so everyone knows everyone around the Austin music scene.

GEH: You guys are on tour in support of your latest project, “Wires and Raunch”, tell us a bit about that project and what it means for the band.

EPI: So, “Wires and Raunch” was my reach out of what I was doing. Trying something new. My first couple of albums were more geared to just rock ‘n roll, with some small hip-hop influence. This latest project, I was stepping into what I really just dig, which is electronics mixed with rock and hip hop feels all over. First two records were not in my comfort zone, I mean, I loved em and they were apart of me but “Wires and Raunch felt comfortable and I was trying to see if others dug it. And they did. And it set us up to open for our first national act, OTEP. Set us up on tour and helped us get our first sponsors. Just a reminder, do what ya love!!! Be you!!!

GEH: The project has been getting pretty good reception. How did it feel to get your first chart positions overseas?

EPI: The response over seas, it’s unbelievable, amazing. I’m surprised at all the love but we’re enjoying every moment of it. It was awesome hearing that we were moving up the charts but even cooler when you see names like Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons and your name sitting right in between. It’s kinda a “whoa!” moment. Just love that love!!!

GEH: What’s some of your favorite other music out right now?

EPI: New music now I’m diggin a lot of the Imagine Dragons new record. Their song “Thunder” has me jammin’. I’ve been catching some radio here and there so I’ve heard some Coldplay, Chainsmokers, etc. I’m really diggin a lot of the electronic / hip-hop. It’s gotta groove for me and originally coming from being just a drummer, I love some groove.

GEH: Thanks and good luck on the tour! Any closing remarks or shout outs?

EPI: Thank ya! I’ll close with “Wires and Raunch” is now available everywhere!!! Jam it loud and jam it now because soon a new record will be amongst and we don’t wanna leave anyone behind on the growth of this sound!!! Come out to the shows and rock out with us. epithethird.com is where you can find our albums and tour dates. Follow us on Facebook! We love to chat with any and everyone! Also, a huge thanks to Soda Jerk presents for putting together a dope line-up for July 19th at Moon Room at Summit Hall! We’re stoked to be sharing the stage with Starkill and No 1 Left Standing! Much love!



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