Project Pronin – Release Me Ft. Nicole Carino (Single)

Los Angeles based songwriter and performer Yan Pronin’s experimental brainchild, Project Pronin, has arrived with the brand new single “Release Me.” On this must-hear debut record, Yan strikes a delicate balance between crunchy analog sounds and modern production, with twisted guitar chords and riffs serving as the foundation for dynamic instrumentation that is masterfully sparse at times, and tastefully intricate at others. With help from Grammy award winning engineer Nico Essig (Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Paul McCartney etc.) who mixed and mastered the song, “Release Me” draws subtle influence from legendary acts including Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Radiohead and others to capture a truly timeless sound rarely found in today’s era.

With no traditional chorus, melancholy background vocals and top line lyrics evolve throughout the song’s linear structure evoking an emotional journey from start to finish. At the song’s powerful and climactic crescendo, Yan is joined by vocalist Nicole Carino for a beautiful duet that adds even more depth to the robust composition. With thought-provoking lyrics, the imagery is heavy and visceral as Yan takes listeners deep into the surrealist world of Project Pronin. Listen to“Release Me” on Apple Music, Spotify and other major streaming platforms, and look out for the full length debut album coming soon!



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