With their 2nd Hit Single, “DGO II”, PAT ICE has secured a space in the music industry with their widely talked about artistry and sensational songs. Not only do they bring creativity and swagger to full life within their music, but this dynamic duo promotes self-acceptance, experimentation, and unity among music heads.

DGO II is a prime example of how PAT ICE plans to use their unique taste for virtual sounds and meaningful lyrics to capture the eyes and ears of the youth & OGs. On the rise out of Denver, Colorado the duo explained this was the first of many singles they plan on releasing within the next year. DGO I (feat. Yung Ku$ha) was featured on numerous blogs across Colorado and the West Coast, so the two decided on expanding the idea behind ‘Don’t Get Offended’ into a movement. When asked about the meaning of DGO, PAT ICE explained that living a DGO lifestyle to them means to live your own life and not worry about what the next person is doing. Flight Crew, whom playpat and J-ice both represent, continue their Don’t Get Offended series with another uptempo banger, this time produced by Jay$plash. The NEW hit DGO II takes what sounds like the melodic sounds of Zelda, and puts a “Dirty South” uptempo spin on it, which makes for a Club Banger to say the least. It makes sense that when you fuse the swaggy sounds of Bay Area music and mix it with the influences of early New Orleans jazz and ragtime, a new kind of music would take form. PAT ICE refers to their style of music as “Riding Music”. Roll one up-Call your mistress-DGO II will take it from there!

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