Cannabis advocates past and present are doing incredible work. Marijuana enthusiasts have been fighting an uphill battle ever since 1970. Today, we see theresults of mass public action. The bud is once again legal for recreational and medical use in many states, and the list is rapidly expanding each year. This development is partly thanks to the agitators shaking up the status quo by voicing their love
for the herb. These exquisite individuals are our focus today. From rappers to educators, from political action to delineating stages of being high, here are eight figures who made waves in the name of 420 for everyone!


Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is known as the father of cannabis research and the godfather of THC.

This marijuana activist started young. He began studying chemistry in Jerusalem, where he showed great interest in weed. At his time, scientists had already examined CBD, but not THC—so Mechoulam changed that.

He isolated, identified, and described THC in 1964.

This Israeli scientist paved the way for advanced cannabinoid science. His work led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, which affected the growth of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.


Jack Herer is the hero of marijuana laws in America. The man even got a strain named after him!

Herer first opened a head shop in 1973. The Portland-based Third Eye Shoppe sold paraphernalia and promoted the countercultural movement among young people.

An explosion of attention came his way in 1985 when Herer published a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The publication outlined the rich history of hemp and cannabis, focusing on its many uses—fuel, paper, textile, and medicine.

This text sparked the mass legalization movement. It’s been instrumental in decriminalization efforts.


Bob Marley is among the world’s most famous weed smokers. Besides singing (literal) praises of the plant, the Jamaican musician spent his career championing its spiritual and healing powers.

As a converted Rastafarian, Marley likely smoked daily. His religious beliefs allowed him to discuss pot openly in public interviews, where he talked about its effects on introspection, mindfulness, and bliss.

Marley’s works paint ganja in a new light. He became the face of alternative and liberal political movements.

The legacy lives past his death. His family released the world’s first international weed brand in 2014. Marley Natural is the gold standard of current seed banks and dispensaries.


Snoop Dogg is proud of smoking trees. This connoisseur once told Reddit he smoked 81 blunts a day. While that seems an over-exaggeration, it also shows this rap legend knows his stuff.

This popular weed smoker is a counter to ‘lazy stoner’ stereotypes. A multi-millionaire leading an empire, he’s the picture of commercial success.

Snoop Dogg wasn’t lazy about sharing the 420 love, either. He released a line of strains called Leafs by Snoop in 2015. His focus is on naturally-grown buds, setting a standard for all ganja.


Willie Nelson is a singer-songwriter recognized for his love of marijuana. His activism never ended with Mary Jane, but his objections to harmful laws have always been the loudest in this domain.

This cannabis advocate is a co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He’s been fighting the red tape and pushing for new legislation for decades.

The NORML victories included:

  • Seeing dispensaries as an essential business
  • Clearing criminal records for possession
  • Decriminalization of cannabis in red states

Nelson didn’t stop at politics. His autobiography, Roll me Up and Smoke Me When I’m Gone, endorses legalization.


Dana Beal is a renowned political activist and the voice of American fringe cultures. He founded the Yipster Times in 1972, a publication dedicated to anti-establishment culture and politics.

Even more notably, this life-long firestarter launched the Global Million Marijuana March in 1999. This event allows the networking, educational events, and organizing of small political groups.

The march has gone international since the turn of the century, spreading to encompass global herb enjoyers.


Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin and Tommy Chong are famous pot smokers and a hilarious comedic duo telling tales of their highest adventures.

Although their representation of tokers might be problematic by today’s standards, the historical influence is unquestionable. The film titled Up in Smoke saw the first mention of cannabis as early as 1978. Stoner comedies exploded in popularity after that.

Tommy Chong is also an activist outside his acting career. He lobbies for law changes and sells quality smoking products commercially.


Cheech and Chong walked so Seth Rogen could fly. This comedic actor revolutionized stoner cliches often found in movies, showing them as lovable characters.

The star is open about cannabis consumption. He famously claimed the bud never hindered his productivity, to which his acting, writing, and producing career can testify.

Rogen is also an activist fighting racist pot stereotypes. His brand leads a mentorship program for startups in the 420 field.


Medical and recreational users, aspiring growers, and ganja entrepreneurs owe the world to these famous weed people.

Why not use them as inspiration and start pushing buttons? The only way forward is through collective action.

Sign up to vote, join a local organization, and participate in the struggle. Speak up against old-fashioned laws and fight for better ones. If your state allows, buy seeds and grow weed at home to further decentralize and democratize the herb.

Cortney Bennett

Cortney Bennett, a pharmacist at I49 Seed Bank, with 5+ years in the pharmacy field regarding cannabis. Cortney constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills in the weed industry. She has learned the characteristics of the different marijuana types and their effects on the human body in detail. Her constant thirst for knowledge allows her to stay up to date with all the latest research and discoveries in the cannabis field.



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