NewLeaf Brands (OTC: NLBIF)

JOIN the Pot, Weed, Marijuana craze & actually own stock in a real Cannabis Company. NewLeaf Brands (OTC: NLBIF) Operates Multiple Wholly Owned Subsidiaries for Development and Marketing of High Profit CBD Products with Wide Ranging Social Media Platform.

Stock Symbol: (OTC NLBIF) is an innovative Cannabidiol (“CBD”) lifestyle company. Through the $NLBIF wholly-owned subsidiaries We are Kured, LLC, Drink Fresh Water, LCC, Tealief LLC and Relyfe LLC, the NLBIF main business activities encompass the development, marketing, and distribution of CBD products (including vaporizer pens and beverages) throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, NLBIF has extensive retail and cultivation land investments in the state of Oregon.

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