Music Producer Thousand Times Mobilizes Fan Base To Secure 808 Mafia Collab

Fresh out of Source magazine, Thousand Times is back at it! This time with a gorgeous track called “G.O.A.T” made in collaboration with 808 Mafia member Big Fameus. The banger is mixed and mastered by Wonder Arillo and marks the second time Thousand Times has linked with the Grammy winning engineer.

The origins of the track started a month ago when Thousand times released his single “Rainbow Diamonds” also mixed and mastered by Wonder. The track quickly gained a cult following and was featured in the U.K. music blog “Stereo Stickman”. Thousand Times asked his followers on Instagram to tag the 808 Mafia superstar to collab. and the rest is history.

Check out the track on Soundcloudbefore it drops on streaming services on December 20th, and look out for a bigger project; the self-titled instrumental EP ‘Thousand Times’ is due in early 2021.



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