MEZZ Launch Party Ft. NERO at Beta in Denver 4/20

When jazz legend Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow took the journey from Chicago to Harlem, he brought with him a lifestyle that would surpass his living legend. A staple at jam sessions of the Harlem Renaissance, Mezzrow became known for having the most potent cannabis the artist community had ever experienced. In fact, his name, “Mezz”, would become synonymous with the high-grade experience, carrying on to the new evolution of cannabis culture, with Mezz Brands. Now the brand is taking over BETA Nightclub for two days of massive 4/20 programming and the launch of the latest formulations crafted by Evolab, with soundtracking by NERO live.

You’re invited to experience the “Mezz Life” through music, art, culture, and a lifestyle with the same careful curation that made “Mezz” a respected name in the early cannabis community of culture creators. Find out more about the brand below, and you can RSVP for the Mezz Brands Lounge experience here!

With a focus on creating the optimal consumer experience, Mezz Brands utilizes two formulas designed to make it easy for customers to find the experience they are seeking. Catering to the mood and purity its blends provide, Mezz now offers the following new products in Colorado:

Mood Blends

• Mellow – Natural Blueberry hint
• Inspire – Natural Spearmint hint
• Uptempo – Natural Cinnamon hint

Purity Blends

• Gold – Pure THC

The Mezz Method prioritizes quality, and is built on functional formulations created by Evolab that cover a wide spectrum of needs for cannabis consumers who choose to vape. Evolab is known across the industry for creating additive-free CO2 cannabis oil extracts, topicals, concentrates and the best vape products in Colorado.

By focusing on concentrates, vape pens and cartridges, the spectrum of consumption is widened, to include a more diverse pool of community members. The choice to build the brand with a specificity in the Colorado market further pinpoints the ideal lifestyle and edge Mezz brings to the cannabis industry.

Bringing consumers together around a creative and artistic lifestyle ties directly to the Mezz Brands mission of building a cultural cannabis community. The goal here is to educate consumers, normalize cannabis and remove the stigma from popular culture.



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