Legacy Record Label Kingdom Records/ Chicago Creed Reflects On 20 Years in Music Led By An All Women Executive Team

Led by Ashley Sullivan, Sherree Lee, Joan Sullivan and Lindsey Evans, Chicago Creed is a quiet giant in the industry and has built an award winning legacy in tandem with Kingdom Records. The family led business is a unique industry connection that has bridged the generational gap within music, like many other family legacies. With major distribution through Universal Music Group and Virgin Music, Chicago Creed’s long-standing reputation for signing major talent, will be the future of the music industry. 

Founded in 2003, Kingdom Records, Inc (KR) is the exclusive label for Shekinah Glory Ministry. Kingdom Records, Inc. carved a unique position in gospel music as a leading independent music company, receiving numerous acknowledgements including Billboard Magazine naming them as one of the top ten indie labels in 2009 and 2010; as well as multiple Platinum and Gold selling records. In its beginning stages, CEO/President, Joan Sullivan helped develop the label with Michael Towns, a music industry executive with Kingdom Records and Urban Ideas. Vice President/A&R Director Bernie McLean who taught Joan the music business was also a part of the conglomerate. His role was artist development, building media relationships as well as identifying producers and more.

Known as Joans’ “right hand”, Towns was an integral part of Kingdom’s operation, managing the budgets and marketing plans for projects that eventually grossed over $12 million in retail sales. In addition to Kingdom’s gospel catalog, Towns also worked with its affiliated secular imprints Urban Creed, Chicago Creed, and Indie Chart Music. In 2012, Towns and Sullivan founded Urban Ideas, a boutique consulting practice specializing in entertainment and entrepreneurship coaching. “He was a visionary, an excellent business person and an integral part of our operations. We were dear friends, and he left a great legacy” says Kingdom Records President, Joan Sullivan

Over a 20 year span, Kingdom Records worked with major artists such as The WhispersShekinah Glory Ministry, Kim Stratton, Phil Tarver and a plethora of artists, then they launched Urban Creed Music and Chicago Creed Music labels. With over 10 years of working with indie artists nationally and locally, they have a roster of talented musicians including Diamond PynkAdam Emil, D. Lylez, Leo w3STBenji Wolf, PT Locgang, Tavis Grant, CallmeIsrael and CG Chapo. 

Joan and Ashley Sullivan



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