LeafedOut is revolutionizing Medical Marijuana

The dispensary model is awesome for most, but doesn’t always work for many medical patients. We were excited to learn about LeafedOut, an awesome resource for people looking for a different way to get their medicine. Check them out!

LeafedOut is the world’s first cannabis P2P Network! Dedicated to user privacy and anonymity, LeafedOut(leafedout.org) is revolutionizing how the marijuana community connects and communicates. This disruptive technology will change the entire paradigm of cannabis tech. The current prevailing e-commerce model is based on middle man dispensaries and cannabis apps appeal to that, however it is inevitable that the industry is and will naturally move towards P2P.

By connecting vendors and farmers directly to buyers and skilled workers directly with employers, we are a catalyst for shifting towards a more efficient business model for the marijuana industry. This site is about the majority of the marijuana industry, that even though legal, are still operating as small mom and pop type operations.

They are not on weedmaps, they are not on the multiple websites directed at marijuana businesses, they are the legal family pot grow operation, the collective owner focusing on their cancer patients, the medical marijuana patient in a new area looking for a fellow patient willing to donate medicine, etc.

“35 billion dollar industry for Medical Marijuana by 2020” – Greenwave Advisors

Any patient can simply open the app, browse vendors on a map, and enjoy the best value with unrivaled convenience(and NO MIDDLEMEN). Even more appealing, vendors will have an entire new range of patients to work with, and small family run businesses and operations can find skilled labor to assist with the plethora of roles within their industry. To be clear, vendor is intended to mean a medical marijuana patient or legal user who donates their medicine in adherence to the legal guidelines for their state and county.

All this while only needing an email and username to join, which will never be shared with a third party, as we can’t stress enough our goal is to ensure the privacy and anonymity of all our users.However, to be clear no transactions are ever handled by this site, it is meant to be an application made to facilitate and encourage the different sub-sets of the marijuana community to meet.



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