Interview: Rising producer Shrimpnose talks about his creative process, inspiration, and more

Minneapolis native, Los Angeles based producer Riley Smithson aka Shrimpnose recently dropped a full length album, ‘As It Seems’ via Friends of Friends Music. With elements of post-dubstep, future bass, hyperpop, and folk rock blended with his low fidelity leanings, this is by far the most interesting project that landed on our desk this year. Accompanied by an impressive lineup of friends and collaborators: Anomalie, Bobby Raps, Ryan Hemsworth, Blockhead, Blu, Bad Snacks, SwuM, Somni, and Joe Nora, Shrimpnose displays unquestionable musicianship and vision. No doubt, the album is a true sonic experiment, but a successful one. Any risks taken pay off ten fold on this truly dynamic and original offering.

We got a chance to ask Shrimp some questions about the album and his ongoing US Tour. Check out the interview after the drop below.

Get Em High: You just released your second album ‘As it Seems’, your first true full length at 17 songs…how does this music differ from some of your past releases?

Shrimpnose: I think this project is my first release that feels truly authentic. – an extension of who I am and the music and things that inspire me. I went for bigger, better sounds across all genres. I feel like a lot of my past releases have been on the melancholy side – this hits every emotion that I end up feeling. I feel very thoroughly expressed, haha. 

GEH: This thing is eclectic, truly. Elements from at least a dozen genres, crazy organic and synth instrumentation, vocals songs, instrumentals. Everything. What was your creative process like for this album? did you have a clear vision in mind or is this a full on experiment? 

Shrimp: Thanks so much! Experimental/eclectic music is what really inspires me so I appreciate the kind words. I got really big into Elliott Smith and Alex G last year, and I think this record was me trying to balance my past influences with the music I’m listening to these days – really just every genre I enjoy listening to and creating in one place – made cohesive by something other than genre. What that thing is, I can’t tell you. But I hope I hit that. 

GEH: A lot of dope and interesting tracks on the album. I loved Flyover Country, Achilles, Tender,  Jupiter, Velocity, a lot of others, What’s your favorite record on the album and why?

Shrimp It’s really hard to say, but I think Codependent pt 1 and 2 are my favorite. They’re definitely the most vulnerable songs I’ve made. I’m proud of the songwriting even after the mixing and mastering process, which is pretty rare for me. 

GEH: What can fans expect from a shrimp nose show if they’ve never seen you? You’re singing? DJing? Do you bring out the guitar? All of the above?

Shrimp: It definitely depends on the vibe of the show. I’ve played instruments in my sets before – I play drums, guitar, bass, piano, whatever. I’d like to keep incorporating that more. I usually play an Ableton Live hybrid DJ kind of thing.

GEH: I could take a few guesses on some of your biggest influences but I’m curious to hear it straight from you who are some of the most important influences on your sound in general and on this album in particular?

Shrimp: So, as far as electronic music goes I’m a huge Shlohmo fan. Also love Aphex Twin. Burial, the classics haha. I love more band oriented music too, though. Like I said, Alex G and Elliott Smith. I was a metalhead growing up haha. Gojira is a good example of a band that I use to listen to that I still really appreciate and enjoy. 

GEH: There’s quite a few features on the album, but any of the solo ones, thats you on the vocals?

Shrimp: Yeah, this was my first real full length where my voice is a central component. I feel like I had a lot to say, I guess, haha. 

GEH: Blu…one of our favorite MC’s of all time, was excited to see him on the tracklist when your team sent the album over. Tell us about that record, how’d you get linked with Blu, and what’s the importance of that record on the album?

Shrimp: Anvils is one of my favorites for sure. I grew up listening to him and Blockhead – and had always wanted to hear them on the same track. This feels like a pretty cool personal fanboy moment for me, haha. Blu came into the studio and asked my what message I was trying to portray with my album and the things I’ve been feeling inspired by – which goes to show his talent and aptitude as one of the best MCs. 

GEH: You kicked off the tour last night at The Black Box in Denver, how’s it been so far?

Shrimp: Tour has been great! The handful of dates with Gold Panda were a really awesome experience. He’s one of my all time favorite producers. I remember obsessively listening to his releases when I was in college trying to figure out how to make beats. 

GEH: Even though you JUST dropped the album which you clearly worked crazy hard on, we have to ask, what’s next on the release front? Any visuals or single releases from the project coming?

Shrimp: I’m releasing a single “Snowed In” with Allem Iversom and chief. Friday (12/1) as an end of the year offering. Gonna be releasing a lot of music next year. Don’t wanna give too much away but I’m pretty excited.



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