Interview: A Hundred Drums Discusses her self-titled debut Album

Producer Gabrielle Watson, better known by her stage name A Hundred Drums, just released her debut album on Valentines day. The album is a self-titled, seven track offering that blends a wide array of genres and sounds into a cohesive and original soundscape that feels both ancient and futuristic. Listeners are sure to get lost in the web of intricate percussion rhythms and powerful synth voices that drive the project. The California native is currently residing in Denver, CO, revered by many as The Bass Capital, and we got a chance to talk to Gabrielle about the new EP as well as some other things she’s working on. Check out the intervew below, and be sure to check out her debut EP, A Hundred Drums, out now on esteemed label Gravitas Recordings.

Get Em High: What’s the meaning behind your name, A Hundred Drums?

A Hundred Drums: The number “100” is completely irrelevant. However, the root of what A Hundred Drums means is, the connecting of heartbeats through the music. Aligning heartbeats on the dance floor.

GEH: Your new debut self titled album drops on Valentine’s day, why did you choose that specific release date?

AHD: I choose this date as my way of showing and sharing my love for all those that have supported me and continue to support me. I felt that releasing on Valentine’s day is a way of giving back with love in bulk. lol

GEH: What was your creative process like on the album? What hardware/software/instruments etc. did you use to create it?

AHD: Very good question. My process was all the things good and bad. I had such a hard time with live tracking and ran into so many issues with latency that I pulled my hair out. It was also beautiful in so many ways. When everything is moving smoothly and I can really get into the vibe, it makes the process so much more fun. I also want to add that I am still learning my DAW< Ableton. It took me years to get to where I am. Meaning, I can finally work on a project and not have my creative process interrupted because I don’t know how to do something.

As for what Instruments, well, I’m sure everyone can guess correctly by saying drums. Lots of hand drums. Some I rented hourly from the local music store. I also used all types of top percussion. Like shakers, wood, chimes, all the things.

GEH: What do you think makes your music different from other producers?

AHD: Well, one thing about me is that I wanted to incorporate many elements of sounds from other genres of music that I love. Like, Jazz, dubstep, psytrance, and reggae. I feel that alone separates me from other bass music producers because I am doing something of my own. Creating an original sound and expression.

GEH: Tell us about Shakti Sounds and your involvement with the program? How can young women get involved?

AHD: I am so glad you asked about this. My involvement with Shakti Sounds, is I am on the “board of directors” and a Facilitator. I don’t participate in every one, but I do offer a lot of my thoughts and support. Magdelion Moondrop is the one who started Shakti Sound and in 2019, she asked me to come aboard. We just had our second one in Costa Rica and it was a huge success. 50 women from around the world joined in on this retreat and so many break thoughts went down.

The best way to join in and be in the loop for the next Shakti Sound is to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and that is where we do all our event updates!

GEH: Congrats on the coming release! Anything else in the works for 2020? Tour?

AHD: Thank you! There are A LOT of things in the works. I have a slew of festival bookings and we’re working on doing some solid runs this spring. More info on that coming soon.



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