How to Use Glass Blunts

If you love to smoke weed and love making cigarettes on your own too, you can enrich your smoking experience by rolling joint or blunt wraps. Here, you will get to learn the best way to roll blunts using a glass filter tip.

You are probably wondering why a glass tip for smoking is even being considered here. The key reason is that it lets you smoke the whole portion of herb without any herb getting in your mouth. Still, there wouldn’t be any presence of tar on lip or fingers.

The best part is that you are free to take them with you wherever you go. Now, it is time to learn how to roll a blunt and install it into the glass tips for a great smoking experience.


Open It Completely


Cut the cigar once you unwrap it. You should use a knife to cut and do it in a straight line. It will open up the cigar and let you take the guts out. However, you should avoid taking out the guts forcibly since it can tear the cigar. A better option would be using your nails to open up the cigar in a straight line.


Pour Out the Herb and Seal the Cut


You have to moisten the cigar to keep it open. After that, use herb to fill the space. You must carefully fill the herb since you can waste a lot of herb if you are careless. Now, shape the blunt and make sure that the fold is done upward. When you tuck the wrap around the weed, ensure that you don’t keep the blunt tight. Press down the blunt to secure its edge.


Why Use a Glass Filter Tip?


When you have installed the blunt into the tips, you are likely to sense less heat to your mouth and hands because it takes time for the smoke to cover up the space. Furthermore, the tar will not touch the skin. You can get a glass blunt online and benefit from all of this.


How Do Joint Tips Help Wraps Stay Together?


Whether it is a tip you want to make using cardboard or a pre-made glass joint filter, it provides stability to the base of your joint. It also makes the paper to tightly wrap the bottom of your joint, which means that chances of joints crumbling are less.


How Glass Tips Make Smoking Easy


It is easy to clean glass joint filter tips. The vast majority of rolling trays actually come with glass tips as well as a rolling paper dispense and even a small hole for holding the glass tips and cone packer. A glass tip can replace a paper filter and saves your throat and lungs in turn. It also no longer burns your fingers.




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