How to talk to girls on the phone

Talking to a girl on the phone is a daunting task for most guys especially if that girl happens to be someone they like. It may seem scary and nerve-wracking at first because you’re anxious to make a good impression. However, making a phone call to a girl doesn’t need to be overly intimidating. In fact, there are many ways to win her over just by using your voice and the right choice of words.

Keep in mind that you have to gear yourself up for your intentions. You have to be prepared, well-composed, and calm in order to think clearly and make sense. Remember that being confident is not exactly the key to successfully talk to a girl on the phone. In fact, being overly-confident is, at times, unfavorable to some extent, because you might come in too fresh or too strong, almost to the extent of being pushy. 

What most girls prefer is sincerity, and this is something that you cannot fake whether you’re talking on the phone or in person. To help you out, we’re giving you some tips and tricks to overcome the anxiety and fear of talking to a girl on the phone.

Identify your reason for calling

To talk to a girl on the phone, you must have a valid reason to call. Determine a common ground between you and the girl, or find out something about her that you can relate to. It could be a common friend, your neighborhood, a project, event, or anything that makes sense which you can talk about over the phone. 

Having a valid reason to call can make you feel more comfortable about the idea of talking on the phone. The thought of having a specific purpose and topic is enough to beat the nerves. Keep in mind that big things always come from small beginnings. So identify your reason for calling, and contemplate on how you’re going to say it.

Ask open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are those that are not answerable by a “yes” or “no”. Basically, they encourage someone to talk and explain further. This triggers a longer and more interactive communication process between two people that are engaged in a conversation.

If you’re talking to a girl on the phone, and you want to keep the conversation rolling, ask open-ended questions or inquiries that ask for more elaborate answers. Your goal is to encourage her to speak her mind or make an explanation. This can buy you more time to think and energy to compose yourself. 

Before calling a girl, formulate a few open-ended questions to ask – something that’s related to the reason why you’re calling. Write them down on a paper and try to practice delivering them in a natural and spontaneous manner.

Practice and boost your social skills

Nobody is born oozing with self-confidence. It takes a lot to become a natural and spontaneous conversationalist, especially in this digital age wherein people are overly-exposed to modern technology, and are more comfortable with the idea of texting, chatting on social media, and sending emails. 

Digital communication has limited the amount of verbal interaction and socialization between people. And this is a contributing factor as to why a lot of guys fear the idea of talking to a girl on the phone. 

The good news is; there are phone chat lines available nowadays that promote voice calls and verbal communication between adult callers. The chat lines are social communication platforms that connect people, and encourage guys and girls to enjoy live chats and phone conversations. 

You may call the chat line numbers at to practice and boost your social skills. Be aware that there are different types of chat lines that can help you learn and master the art of talking to a girl whether in a friendly manner or in a sexy way. Calling the chat lines can also give you a first-hand experience on what it’s like to talk to a girl and develop your ability to converse naturally.

Spark her interest

Before calling a girl, try to do some research about her interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. This will make it easier for you to find a connection and to come up with certain topics that initiate a good conversation. 

Is she interested in culinary, travel, fitness and health, and outdoor activities? Find out if she likes pets, movies, music, or art. The more you know about her, the easier it would be for you to formulate topics and questions. This may significantly spark her interest and keep your conversation fun, light, and more positive.

Don’t try too hard to win her over

Relax, be natural, and stay calm. Trying too hard to win her over can make you stutter and miss the right timing. So avoid sounding too excited and enthusiastic. Girls like guys that are fully in-control of themselves. They like guys that make sense and know how to listen; as well as those that have the ability to carry out an enjoyable and interesting conversation without any conscious effort.

To play it cool without losing your sincerity, ask the girl whether it’s a good or bad time to call. If she says that it’s fine, proceed as planned. Otherwise, ask her politely when you can call her back to ask about something. Keep the conversation short for your first call and focus on your intention. Try to express your appreciation and gratitude for her time before ending the call. If you’ll have the chance, try to leave a good and lingering impression, and convey your interest in her in a very subtle way. 

Don’t interrupt her while she’s talking

Talk less and listen more if you want a girl to appreciate you. When she’s talking, don’t interrupt and just listen intently. Remember that you have to be thankful that she’s taking the time to talk to you. And that’s a good sign. 

Allowing her to talk means that you’re interested on what she’s saying. Ask sensible questions if necessary to keep her engaged, but be mindful about your voice tone and choice of words. Sensitivity plays a crucial role when having a conversation with a girl that you’re trying to win over. So make her feel that you care and that you’re interested in the topic.

Make her laugh

Girls love guys that have a good sense of humor. However, this can be quite tricky because there’s a very thin line between being funny and being annoying (and corny), and it’s crucial for you to know the difference. 

Sense of humor goes hand-in-hand with charm, cleverness, and wit. It is also a good way to flirt and trigger the interest of a girl. Therefore, timing is very important to know exactly when to be funny and when to get serious because it can spell your chances of winning over the girl. So practice caution whenever you’re making jokes, delivering pick-up lines, or making a come-back. If you want to make her laugh by being funny, do it on a positive note and without offending or making fun of anyone.

The Takeaway

Talking to a girl may be challenging, but it shouldn’t cause you a great deal of stress. As long as you’re sincere and honest with your intentions, there’s nothing that you should worry about. You might feel that you’ve messed up, but what’s more important is that you did your best. In the end, your genuineness as a person could mean everything. 

Additionally, it helps to think that there are a lot of guys out there that are going through the same dilemma and you’re not alone. It’s within human nature to feel nervous especially if you want to make a sexy impression and win over a girl’s heart. And as a bottom line; we can assure you that the best things in this world are always worth the trouble, so cheer up and muster that courage to make that phone call.



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