How To Run A Top Rated Cannabis Dispensary

We noticed a dispensary in Canada got a shout out from Snoop Dogg and recently got voted #3 Cannabis Dispensary in all of Canada. We had to see what they were doing right- so we sat down with them and asked them a few questions on how to run a successful dispensary and consistently crush it online.

Where is The Medicine Box located in Canada?

We are located 45 mins North West of the beautiful city of Montreal in the Eastern Province of Quebec. We operate on the Mohawk territory of Kanesatake. We are close to a mountain, lake and a nude beach.


What makes The Medicine Box different than other dispensaries?

Our focus has always been to have a medical approach to using Cannabis effectively, medicinally and safely- but we’ve always had a trendy and cool vibe to us. So we’re very lucky to have best of both worlds going for us.


What are some of the best selling products & customer favorites?

Definitely flower products overall. And in general, people really like trying different edibles.


How long have you guys been in business?

December 8th , 2018 would’ve been the first day we opened, so just over 6 months in operation. It’s been a wild ride.


We know Snoop loves you guys, have any other celebs come through?

We love all of our clients, especially the ones that say they had a 7 hour flight from Europe, got off the plane and came directly to the store- that’s pretty amazing to hear. But we’ve also had a few awesome Montreal local celebs like rapper Mike Shabb come through and give us some love.


Are you vertically integrated? Do you guys grow your own?

We’re focusing on making the front end retail experience rock solid before we start building out the back-end of the business. Also, our craft growers have been learning their art for 15+ years in some cases. Unless we feel we can do a better job than them, we’ll continue to focus on providing a good in store experience. The attention and care they take in growing Canada’s best cannabis paired with our quality control equipment ensures we have a superior quality end product.


What’s next for The Medicine Box?

We’re working on a few game changers at the moment. We just rolled out The Medicine Lab- a 3 Phase testing process we created to ensure the highest quality and safety for our flower and concentrate products. Also we’re just about to release The Medicine Book, a guide to using cannabis medicinally, effectively and safely. It’ll be free for download on very shortly.



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