How to Make Bubble Hash?

For stoners around the world (especially Europeans), there is nothing better than a good block of hash. It’s easy to understand why. It’s potent, convenient to carry, and, for tobacco smokers, it goes well with cigarettes. But if you always buy it online or in a store, it can get pretty expensive in the long run. After all, the people who make it need to pay bills, so they have to charge high prices. Although pressing hash rosin can be difficult and expensive, there are other ways to extract hash that won’t require as much equipment and budget.

But what if you try making it yourself? Although many concentrate recipes require expensive technology and involve dangerous practices, here is a much less complicated way. Are you ready? We’d like to introduce you to our good friend bubble hash.

What’s Bubble Hash?

Like other types of hash, Bubble hash is a marijuana concentrate made from the trichomes of cannabis buds.

According to science, these trichomes produce and store the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that we love so much about marijuana.

They are separated from the flowers by water and ice (which we will explain later) and look like a pile of delicate brown/golden particles. This pile of trichomes is eventually consumed as bubble hash. When you light it up, you will understand why it is so-called, as it will bubble when you puff on it.

Bubble Hash vs. Ice Wax

“Wait, that sounds like ice wax, is there a difference?”

Despite having different names, ice wax and bubble hash are the same types of marijuana concentrate. So don’t get confused when someone offers you ice wax; it’s bubble hash. A clarification that never hurts when in doubt.

Is Bubble Hash Worth It?

Do you know those modern grinders that have a lower chamber with a mesh filter? You’ve probably noticed that, over time, a brown powder accumulates in that chamber.

Many people know it as kief, but it is also often called ‘hash.’ Specifically, dry sift hash.

So, if you only need a bunch of weed and a good grinder to get this kind of hash, what’s the point of bubble hash?

Bubble Hash Advantages

●  Unlike dry sieved hash, which contains many plant matter, bubble hash is sufficiently purified to present most of the trichomes.

●  Because there is very little plant material, bubble hash tends to be more potent, while dry sift hash is more like smoking buds.

●  Low temperatures favor the separation of the trichomes and the plant. This is why bubble hash yields more trichomes than dry sifting the same amount of marijuana.

Bubble Hash Drawbacks

●  As mentioned above, to make dry sift hash, all you need is weed, a grinder, and a couple of hands. In larger quantities, a series of filters may be required. On the other hand, making bubble hash requires several tools that can cost a few hundred bucks.

●  If you get enough weed, you can get several piles of kief in an hour or two. However, making bubble hash takes longer, and the final product takes a few days to dry.

●  Virtually anyone can obtain kief and dry sift hash. Making bubble hash is pretty straightforward, but you have to learn how to do it.

How to make Bubble Hash

Once you have the variety of your choice, you will need to get a few more things. The following utensils will produce about 9-12 grams of bubble hash.


●  Two buckets (4 or 19 liters each)

●  4,5-7kg of ice

●  5g of marijuana

●  A series of bags or nets for the extraction; are sold as “bubble bags.”

●  Cheesecloth (or micron pressing sieves)

●  Tool to stir the mixture

●  Spoon

Gather all of this and be prepared to concentrate for the next couple of hours. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to taste the fruits of your labor until a few days later, as you’ll need to let it dry.

The Nine Steps to do Bubble Hash

As intricate as it may seem at first, you’re only a few steps away from your delicious bubble hash. Let’s take them one by one.

1. Before you start, freeze the buds overnight. This will buy you time and allow the trichomes to separate from the plant material. Make sure the area where you are going to work is also cold.

2. Put some towels under the buckets and line one of them with the bubble bags. Start with the smallest one (the one with the most microns) and put the next size up. Keep going until you have all the bags in the bucket.

3. Add the marijuana followed by half of a standard bag of ice. Throw in eight cups of purified water and mix fervently.

4. Stir continuously (slowly and carefully) for 15-20 minutes, and let the mixture sit for 20-30 minutes.

5. When you are done, remove the top bag and let the water drain out of the bottom into the next bag. You can shake it a little if you want, but avoid squeezing it.

6. Put the first bag in the second bucket.

7. Take the second bag out of the first bucket, let it drain if necessary, and scrape the material off the bottom with the spoon. Put this material on the cheesecloth and pat yourself on the back for making your first batch of bubble hash. It won’t be very pure, but it’s a good hash.

8. Repeat the process with the remaining bags, scraping the material and placing it on the cheesecloth. You will notice that the hash becomes increasingly more transparent with less plant material.

9. Once you have collected all the bubble hash, carefully fold the cheesecloth over itself to get rid of the excess water.

Just like that, you have high-quality bubble hash.



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