How To Handle Cannabis High As A Beginner

If you want to navigate the world of cannabis, now is the best time to start. It is legal in many American states, and everyone knows the immense benefits it offers. Medical research validates it as a wellness aid that can relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.  Starting with recreational cannabis can also be a joy ride, provided that you can handle the high as a beginner. It is easier than you imagine, provided you know the ground rules as a starter. Let us share some tips to help you achieve the best experiences without worrying about the quintessential high.

Get educated about cannabinoids 

As a beginner, you must get basic education about cannabinoids to have clear expectations about cannabis-high. Essentially, THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD is the non-psychoactive one. If you want to control the intensity, go through the product labels and check the cannabinoid content. The apt levels can help you balance the outcomes according to your expectations..

Manage your dosage

This one is a no-brainer as even a moderate THC product can give you a big kick if you have too much. Beginners need to go low and slow with dosage and increase gradually. It is vital to understand your tolerance levels because they determine how much you can handle. Follow the initial sessions to assess your capacity, and increase your dosage until you hit the sweet spot. Remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all dosage recommendation. You must listen to your body and stick with the amount that works for you.

Master the technique

Apart from the product and dosage, your consumption technique also determines the level of high. You cannot expect things to be optimal if you go wrong with smoking and vaping. You have to be extra conscious while using Dabbing Gear and concentrate because the method offers strong kicks. The experience can be incredible if you master the skill. Edibles require less technique and more restraint because you must time your sessions properly to stay in control.

Stay hydrated and full

An optimal cannabis session is also about good hydration. Drinking water before, during, and after the sessions always helps. You get to enjoy your stash while your body can eliminate the excess through urination. But make sure you do not mix cannabis with alcoholic drinks. An empty stomach can give you an extra kick, so make sure you are satiated well before starting. Keeping some nutritious snacks at hand is a good idea as it enables you to curb the munchies. 

Take a walk

If the high appears to go beyond expectations, try taking a walk for some fresh air. It will clear your mind and release stress, getting you closer to normalcy. Not surprisingly, outdoor cannabis trips are more popular than ever. Walking with a friend is a good idea as it gets your mind off the high and makes you focus on something else. The feeling will pass sooner than you imagine.

As a beginner, you have to do your bit to ensure an optimal session with cannabis. A bit of self-control, and you will be a pro sooner rather than later. 



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