How Important Is Hand Hygiene For COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 is perhaps the biggest health crisis that the human race has ever faced. The virus has already infected millions of people across the globe and the global death toll has crossed thousands. Health systems are crumbling, businesses are facing financial hardships and people are locked up inside their homes. All because of a tiny virus that has the potential to kill! Surprisingly, something as simple as hand hygiene is an effective measure to prevent the spread of the infection. Let us see how making it a way of life can save lives.

Hand washing is the key to prevention
Frequent and thorough handwashing with soap and water is highly effective for preventing the spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19. Like the common cold, coronavirus spreads through droplets when a carrier coughs and sneezes. Similarly, you can get infected by touching potentially contaminated surfaces. The virus gets inside the body when you touch your mouth, nose or eyes with these hands. Washing hands often wash away the germs you may have picked from airborne droplets or contaminated surfaces. Cultivating this habit can actually prevent spread at an individual level and control the pandemic as a whole.

Doing it right is vital

Practicing good hand hygiene is critical but you can’t curb the infection by just washing your hands frequently. Doing it right is vital to do away with the infectious microorganisms. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (not less than that) at regular intervals. Scrub the fingertips and nails thoroughly as well because these are the areas that pick the germs. Make sure that you maintain a routine of regular hand wash, particularly before and after meals, after toilet trips, coughing, sneezing, touching suspicious surfaces and dealing with sick people.

Sanitize when soap and water are not available
There are places where soap and water may not be available, but this is no excuse to go slack with your hand hygiene routine. Alternatively, you can keep a sanitizer handy to prevent the infection. While an alcohol-based sanitizer is recommended, you can go a step further by using a cbd hand sanitizer for extra protection. The antibacterial action of CBD can actually boost the effectiveness of the sanitizer and make it even more effective for germ-fighting. A combination of CBD and alcohol is potent for keeping the COVID-19 virus out for good.

Follow other rules as well
In addition to following the recommended hand hygiene practices, there are some other rules that can make all the difference in controlling the pandemic. Scientists say that social distancing can prevent the spread to a significant extent. This is the reason why schools and offices are closed and mandatory lockdowns have been imposed by governments across the world. Avoiding social gatherings, unnecessary travel and physical contact with others are some more ways to break the chain.
Considering the dangers of COVID-19, adopting these measures is a small price to pay. Remember that saving lives can be as easy as just practicing basic hygiene and everyone should do it without fail.



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