Horizon Wireless – Welcome to the Network

Horizon Wireless is the collaborative effort of accomplished multitalented producers Harrison Waxenberg and Daniel Scott Lyons, who have officially joined forces to create their debut album, Welcome to the Network, available now on all major streaming services. With complex rhythms and intricate textures masterfully mixed by Jesse Miller of Lotus fame, Welcome to the Network is an interplanetary journey through space and sound. Well placed vocal samples and snippets create a captivating cinematic effect and cohesive presence that ties each track together. Featuring a futuristic, funky, house vibe that fuses elements from several genres Welcome to the Network is unlike any other album before it.

After a decade of rigorous performing independently of one another on stages with the likes of The Crystal Method, Hallucinogen, Big Gigantic and many more, Horizon Wireless have hit the ground running with a polished album and exciting live performance that incorporates live drums, vocals and instrumentation with electronic production. Welcome to the Network will be debuted LIVE for the first time at the official release party in New York City on Dec 13th at Brooklyn’s buzzing new venue Sultan Room. Check out Welcome to the Network and get acquainted with one of electronic music’s most promising new acts, Horizon Wireless.



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