HØJ Deluxe Herb Accessories Are Next Level

HØJ is a Danish company obsessively dedicated to creating the highest quality herb accessories on the market. Their innovative products are both highly functional and highly artistic. With a sleek black design inspired by nature, HØJ products have a unique aesthetic and thoughtful craftsmanship that’s unmistakable in today’s market.

Putting meticulous thought and effort into everything they do, HØJ only has two products on the market so far: Klip, their reinvention of a classic herb grinder, and KØL, a high tech incarnation of the popular hand pipe.


While Klip may resemble a common herb grinder, its unique design includes three interchangeable screen discs allowing for a customized grind for any application. Whether you want a fine grind for rolling up, or a bit more coarse for the pipe or bong, you’re in control with Klip. The magnetized pieces make it easy for anyone to work with, and the sharp blades slice your herb rather than crush it, leaving the herb nice and fluffy, and keeping trichomes and terpenes in tact rather than stuck inside the unit.


This one of a kind pipe isn’t just cool to look at. With two magnetic pieces that clip together for easy cleaning, the pipe also includes a one of a kind replaceable filter that removes all heat from the smoke before reaching your mouth, making for a cool, smooth, and flavorful hit you won’t find anywhere else.


While both pieces are incredible on their own, they are ideally used together to create a truly unique and enjoyable smoking experience. HØJ products are not cheap, but they are extremely durable, and they also come with a lifetime warranty. Plus unlike many comparable products, they can easily be taken apart and wiped clean, or even washed in the sink with your nightly dishes. “Welcome to the new high.”



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