HØJ- Danish designed herb accessories

Meaning “high” in Danish, the HØJ philosophy reflects everything they want to achieve; higher quality products, higher production standards and higher experiences. That is their obsession and they have crafted our products meticulously around it. Welcome to the new high. www.hoj.life


Protect the herb, preserve the high.
 KLIP is a grinder only by name, having been fundamentally re-imagined for the first time in over 110 years. This isn’t an evolution, this is a revolution.

– Custom built dual-blades cut the herb
– Brass enables an almost frictionless turn
– Enjoy it your way with our snap on accessory range
– Opens magnetically with just a twist



A cleaner, cooler high. This is a pipe like you’ve never seen before, rebuilt entirely from the inside out to ensure it can be used by everyone.

– Patented design cools the herb without water.
– Shark inspired filtering ensures a cleaner high.
– Machine washable like your pots and pans.
– Opens magnetically with just a snap.



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