Headfake x Dub Fu Masters Drop New Collab

Producer trio Head Fake has been making music for decades. The trio recently decided to bring some old records back to life, so they joined forces with none other than Dub Fu Masters for a retro futuristic musical experience like none other. Fusing addictive beats with throwback synths and a touch of organic instrumentation, the project feels like you’ve entered a dance party inside an arcade pinball machine.

The opening song, “One Step” sets things off with a hypnotizing synth lead that drives a steady and entrancing rhythmic foundation. The song slowly builds to a celebratory climax featuring futuristic vocals dancing in and out alongside crunchy electric guitars all blended seamlessly.

The next record, “Trump Funk” turns things up another notch. This pleasantly upbeat track evokes feelings of the unpredictable ride of the last four years through all its twist and turns. Starting off with trippy effected guitar strums, the percussion eventually drops in and quickly steals the show. With funky bass lines and spacious breakdowns it’s clear where the song gets its name.

To close things out, “Overjoyed” starts off steady and abruptly heats up as if you’re about to face the final boss in this electronic realm. This track features the most intelligible lyrics of the project, repeating “I can’t believe this is real, this must be how happiness feels” in a slightly melancholy style reminiscent of british dance greats like White Town and Damon Albarn.

Headfake Vs. Dub Fu Masters is quite eclectic in it’s influence from various genres, sounds, and musical eras. Recorded in studios from Miami and London, to Los Angeles, and New Jersey. With all this in mind, the EP is impressively cohesive, dripping with international appeal and a timeless vibe.



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