Hazey Taughtme breaks down High Sex and previews Laze

Hazey Taughtme, the Los Angeles entertainment manager and cannabis influencer/ brand owner invited us to his creative space in mid Wilshire,  Miracle Mile Studio,  to discuss the different ways to consume cannabis outside of what most would say is traditional; ie smoking. He even let us try out his new strain, Laze Officially by Just Mary, accompanied by cool sounds and cocktails. Laze is a one ounce offering of premium cannabis flower. Most consumers purchase eighths. Laze drops officially in November. They will make an official announcement via there Instagram @lazecannabis. The drop will also feature a clothing and merchandise line that is pretty trendy.

Cannabis is now legal for adults in 11 states in the U.S., with medical marijuana available in 33 more. And with this, a whole industry of smokeables and edibles has created a range of options that it can be hard to wrap a foggy brain around. What’s more, it turns out weed is not only good for chilling you out after a long day at work or relieving pain. It can also be great for your sex life – especially if you are a woman. Ilana Glazer from Broad City definitely had the right idea…

The Science

Sativa, indica or hybrid? Scientists, weed growers and connoisseurs have been experimenting with which strains are and aren’t good for your sex drive. Of course, the effects of marijuana are different for everyone, and so the best way to find out which ones work best for you are to try them. THC is a vasodilator, which means that it brings more blood to an area. This is why you get red eyes when you smoke it, but it also means that if you apply it as an oil, it can bring more blood to the genitals, in the same way that viagra does. Weed can also be good at getting you out of your head and into your body, reducing problems with intimacy or confidence. Check out Jane Dope’s list of the best strains for different kinds of sex here.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to get high while you do it. When THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed, is smoked or eaten, you experience psychoactive side effects, like feeling high, or sleepy, or giggly. Remove the THC however, and weed can give you all sorts of benefits. It can reduce anxiety; heighten your sex drive; relieve pain; and relax muscle tension in massage. These products are usually referred to as CBD products, which stands for Cannabidiol. You can also use weed oil that has THC in it on your genitals, and you won’t get high. For a list of the 23 best strains of weed for your sex life, check out Leafly’s guide.

What’s available on the market?

If there is anything that we know for sure these days, it’s that late-stage capitalism will find a way to sell you what you need easily, cheaply, and in multitudes. Edibles aren’t recommended for partnered sex, or for increasing sex-drive in general, as their effects can be too unpredictable. Moreover, you will have to wait until they kick in, and by that time you might have been distracted by Netflix and a bag of chips… Although for some people, having edibles in their system can make the experience of sex last longer, and feel more intense.

But if you’re looking for something besides your local dispensary, you can now get weed products specifically tailored for sexual activity delivered straight to your door. Ideal, in Covid times! Foria Wellness has a whole range of products, such as this set of oil and lube for arousal. For women, there’s also Quim and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. For men, try Alphagreen or read up here on the health benefits of CBD oil, specifically for lads.

Smoking as a fetish

But for some people, it’s the very act of smoking itself that is a turn on. From the sight of a joint between someone’s lips or the smell of the smoke; to being used as an ashtray in a kinky game, smoking even has it’s own porn. Smoking fetishism is called capnolagnia, and is one of the most popular genres on the free tube sites. Especially, of course, on 4/20. People who use cannabis, in any form, to derive sexual pleasure are also known as “cannasexuals”.

Emerald Triangle Girls is the only production company that is dedicated to producing weed-based porn and online content. Of course, Covid-19 may reduce the number of performers wanting to smoke any products with tobacco in, and so making blunts or using a pipe could become more popular. With Covid being a respiratory virus, smoking tobacco is strongly believed by scientists to make individuals more susceptible. My advice? Stick to the pot!

Cannabis Pleasure Parties

So now that you’re all clued up on the science of adding a bit of marijuana into your sex life, how are you actually going to do it? That all depends on whether you are a smoker or not. It also depends on what kind of sex you want to have, and in which situation. One of the biggest, and possibly more intimidating, industries to come out of weed sex is the Cannabis Pleasure Party. These are essentially orgies that are happening all across America, where like-minded folk meet up and indulge in anything from cannabis cocktails to a smoky threesome. It’s maybe one for the braver folk out there.

            Using weed lube can be one of the easier ways to get into the scene without having to get high, if you’re a beginner. Use a little with yourself or with a partner and reap the rewards without any psychoactive effects. Or check out one of the guides previously mentioned in this article, and choose a strain you like the sound of. There’s also CBD oils for massage (who doesn’t like a saucy massage before getting between the sheets?) Or you can try edibles, although I wouldn’t recommend these on your first marijuana experience.

Remember that while marijuana is legal in some states, it’s not legal everywhere. CBD oil, where the THC and any psychoactive effects have been removed, is legal, but anything that will get you high – approach with caution. There’s no bigger buzzkill than getting stopped by the cops. Check here for a map of where your nearest dispensary is, and here for info about the legality of weed in your state. And enjoy!



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